As part of the Chinese new year celebrations, Pizza hut had released what they call the Pizza hut Prosperity blossom meal. Notably, for a limited time, their menu offers three rather unconventional looking blossom shaped pizzas. Lets check it out with a dine-in today!

Contrary to the regular circular pan pizza. What is on offer is their Boba blossom pizza (bubble tea pearls), Mala pizza and Hawaiian blossom. Your blossom pizzas are not served on pans but rather on a plate platter instead. You can tell that the pizzas are made and topped by hand, but put into the oven on a flat base instead of a regular pan. This allows the pizza edge to retain their flower blossom petal shape which is the mainstay of this pizza range.

Bubble tea pearls pizza anyone?

First of the three variants of the blossom pizza. One is named the bubble tea pizza and the other the Mala pizza. You can order them al la carte or as a set meal as in my order. Here, both blossom pizzas served with Mala wings, two sides and two drinks for under $50.

Pizzahut prosperity blossom bubble tea pizza
Pizzahut prosperity blossom bubble tea pizza.

Moreover, the Bubble tea pizza is one topped with marshmallows and cooked bubble tea pearls. If warm pearls is not really the most appetizing either. Also, you could tell their that pearls and marshmallows are added onto the pizza after coming out of the oven. Still most of the marshmallows were already melted and stuck onto the surface of the pizza, which is not the most pleasing to see either.

The boba pizza with brown sugar milk tea sauce. Melted pearls and marshmallows anyone
The boba pizza with brown sugar milk tea sauce. Melted pearls and marshmallows anyone?

Additionally, the bubble tea pizza toppings at first impressions is not a great pizza, but that was made up with the remainder of the pizza. The crust is firm, crispy and infused with what you expect as a flavoury crust of mozzarella cheese. It does take the dullness out of the center core of the pizza.

The Pizza hut prosperity blossom bubble tea pizza has loads of nice mozzarella cheese
The bubble tea pizza has loads of nice mozzarella cheese.

Also, the pizza base is also packed with melted cheese which strings which you pull away the slices. It is quite a joyful package as a whole which is not too bad after all. If the mashmallows and pearls were added, say later and less melted, the pizza would be perfect. Furthermore, I would position the bubble tea pizza tad more like a dessert pizza. It is sweet and similar to the “Nutella pizza” we tried on our visit to John’s pizza on my previous food adventures.

Mala pizza

Moreover, their mala pizza has more of a conventional take and is more “pizza-like”. You get a pizza loaded with large generous juicy chicken chunks in the center of the pizza. Tad like a mala chicken pizza. Also, the pizza similar has the same crunchy stuffed-crust cheese we enjoyed on the bubble tea pizza.

The mala pizza is actually greater than what I expected it to be. It is topped with large juicy chicken chunks over a bed of lightly seasoned authentic tasting mala. Pizza hut claims this this their in-house mala sauce, with a spiciness level of your choosing.

The Pizza hut prosperity blossom mala pizza made using Pizza hut's in-house mala sauce, with a spiciness level of your choosing
The mala pizza made using Pizza hut’s in-house mala sauce, with a spiciness level of your choosing.

Also, I find this pizza more wholesome too for a meal staple. It is heavier and packed with more toppings equivalent of a regular sized pan pizza. Additionally, you have a choice of the spiciness of the mala in your pizza. I would recommend to go for the mild option. Is topped with red flakes on the edges of the pizza.

The last of Pizza hut prosperity blossom pizza is the Hawaiian , I won’;t be covering it as it is not too different from your regular Hawaiian favorite, only it is shaped in with the blossom edges.

Mala everything

In addition, wrapping up the mala offerings are mala chicken wings. It is the spiciest offerings of the bunch, tad like buffalo wings and peppered with chilli powder. It does provide quite a kick.

The spread
Mala wings
Mala fries

All in all, Pizza hut’s blossom pizza. I can guess that this pizza is mainly sold during the Chinese new year period, though pizza hut did not really explicitly state so besides the “prosperity meal” theme. If so, these blossom pizzas are definitely worth an adventurous try.




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