Let’s check out Wild Honey Orchard today with a brunch dine-in. They are situated on the third floor of the Orchard mandarin gallery along Orchard road. In a nutshell, Wild honey is a café first followed by a restaurant. They offer a small selections of main courses, such as burgers, salads, western mains and an extensive premium breakfast section.

The largely chill open atmosphere here at Wild honey on the third floor of Mandarin gallery orchard
The largely chill open atmosphere here at Wild honey on the third floor of Mandarin gallery orchard.

I visited the place during a weekday brunch period. There is a mix of small group tabled seating, as well as group dining on high chairs. They are physically located on the third floor of the orchard Mandarin Gallery Singapore.

Moreover, wild honey has largely a chill open atmosphere. Of course this lifestyle is not necessarily cheap. So it appeals largely to a niche group which probably appeals to millennial more than say, their parents. Avocado sandwich anyone?

Yep, there are Avocado sandwich- millennial staples here at Wild Honey
Yep, there are Avocado sandwich- millennial staples here at Wild Honey.

Premium brunches

Additionally, their main meal dishes typically revolves about names of cuisine interest. For instance, their “The Norwegian” dish is a Wild Honey signature dish worth recommendation. Thought priced at a hefty $28 per plate.

Wild Honey Orchard The Norwegian ($28)
The Norwegian ($28).

Also, the Norwegian comes with Avocado, grilled asparagus spears, poached eggs wrapped with Norwegian smoked salmon, Hollandise sauce and salmon pearls on whole wheat brioche.

Wild Honey Orchard Tunisian
Tunisian ($24).

Moreover, interesting selections includes the Tunisian ($24) is another Wild Honey signature dish. It is served with Spicy shakshouka (onion, tomato, red pepper & chilli), chorizo, eggs, grilled lafa flatbread or brioche, herb & seed tabolueh.

You also get an all day breakfast selection, on top of more affordable Sandwiches, tarts and breads which you can grab for under $10 each. Coffee is available by the cup. Also, tea is served by the pot and is enough for 2 cups at least without refills. I would recommend their Deserts Apple Crumble. It is served with cream or ice-cream $12.

Tea served by the pot
Tea served by the pot.

A chill establishment

Additionally, I found the menu options tad expensive and the ambience does bestow a sense of refinement and fineness expected of their diners. Somehow wild honey does position themselves as an upmarket hipster style. Also, the dining atmosphere is tad like Baker and Cook we visited previously, but with more emphasis on breakfast and brunch dishes. If you are looking for say, a proper hearty steak or grilled ribs. I suggest to look somewhere else

The entrance theming of Wild honey
The entrance theming of Wild honey.

Moreover, the establishment is decked with an extensive wood theming. With a bar and kitchen by the entrance and seating areas at the far end of the establishment with views looking out to Orchard road. Being at Mandarin hotel, it is also situated where Triple three hotel buffet we visited previously. There is an assortment of comfy sofas for you to lounge on too.

But you do pay a premium

Wrapping up, still wild honey has a nice concept but their steep price point does make it loose. A typical dine-in here could cost you upwards of $30 per person per brunch meal. Probably something you might consider a treat once in a blue moon.

All in all, I find it hard to recommend wild honey as a place to visit often. But if you crave niche foods, it is a good place to visit mid-afternoons where crowds are thinner and more enjoyable experience. Wild honey is opened 9 to 9pm daily. With extended opening hours till 12am on Fridays and Saturdays.


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Wild Honey Orchard Mandarin Gallery Locality Map
Wild Honey Orchard Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Rd, # 03-01/02,
Singapore 238897
Opening hours: 9am–9pm


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