Guzman y Gomez is a fast-food style Burrito place serving fast-dining Mexican food. Namely Burritos and Tacos. Fancy a Burrito on the quick but not heavy on the stomach? Let’s take a dine in at Guzman Y Gomez today.

The store front of Guzman y Gomez Burrito place
The store front of Guzman y Gomez Burrito place.

In addition, Guzman Y Gomez restaurant layout is typical of that of a fast-food restaurant. At my dine-in at their Our Tampines Hub (OTH) branch. You might remember OTH as the place we attended Maker Faire previously. Also, the interior has a combination of tabled seating over soft and hard chairs. You place your order at the counter before seated. There is free seating available within.

Furthermore, I had ways wanted to cover the Burrito place, but the Asian part of me who eats rice as a staple found it hard see it justifiable to cover this as a “proper” dinner place. Still, burritos are known to be pretty filling meals, and is a staple replicated in Fast food joints in the US filing enough to be consumed as a dinner.

Burritos and Tacos

On Guzman Y Gomez menu are a selection of burritos in a variety of stuffing. You have a choice of your burrito in a wrap or bowl style, with prices ranging from $7.90 for small and $10.90 for a regular sized one.

A Mexican burrito and tacos spread offering with obligatory guacamole
A Mexican burrito and tacos spread offering with obligatory guacamole.

In a nutshell, a burrito is a dish in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine originating from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. It consists of a flour-based tortilla stuffed with various ingredients, such as meats, beans and rice.

Burrito with a meaty beef core
Burrito with a meaty beef core.

Also, Guzman Y Gomez Burritos and Tacos here are wrapped in hard corn tortilla with ground beef filling lettuce and filled with lots of shredded jack cheese. Also, more premium fillings like beef and barramundi fish cost a dollar extra while regular chicken, tofu and vegetables costs no extra.

A densely packed and somewhat filling burrito
A densely packed and somewhat filling burrito.

Moreover, this is then wrapped and sealed into a cylindrical “burrito” shape, where the name sticks. Tad like a 6-inch to a foot long, more Asian-friendly size which would resonate better with our smaller stomachs.

In wrap

Also, the tortilla itself is sometimes lightly BBQ-grilled to add flavour form the ingredients, or steamed to make the wrap more pliable to retain its shape and contents better.

Asian-friendly portions

Still the burritos, though dense is not as filling as full-sized ones we see at equivalent America outlets like Chipotle. They are probably smaller sized to cater for more of an Asian palate. Additionally, the flavour is subjective and depends on the fillings and the sauces you pair with your meal.

Also, the burritos are served wrapped in aluminum foil which is good for takeaways as well as consuming on-site. It is a rather neat and compact package.

A classic taco with crispy outer shell with lots of shredded jack cheese
A classic taco with crispy outer shell with lots of shredded jack cheese.

Moreover, on top of their burritos is a selection of tacos. Their tacos are available in two shell types. Namely hard or soft shells. Wrapping up Guzman Y Gomez menu options of sides nachos and nacho fries, salads, quesadilla and taco at $3 each. Side fries costs $5 for regular and $3 for a small, guacamole with corn chips cost $6-9 extra.

Cheesy Tacos loaded to the brim in both soft and crispy hard shell
Cheesy Tacos loaded to the brim in both soft and crispy hard shell.

Also, you have the option to pair your burritos into a meal at $3.90 to $5.90 extra giving you a side of fires and soft drink. Interestingly, Guzman Y Gomez offers an imported Jarritos drink. It is a flavoured soda form Mexico which tastes like Fanta orange.

All in all, Guzman Y Gomez is Mexican food repackaged for Asian diets, something which Taco bell didn’t had much success in the Mexican fast food scene here. Something worth the try for something out of our usual Asian staples.


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Guzman y Gomez Locality Map

Guzman y Gomez – Our Tampines Hub
1 Tampines Walk, #01-99 Our Tampines Hub,
Singapore 528523
Opening Hours: 10:30am- 9:30pm


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