Had been testing the camera out lately, and I am say I am quite impressed by the N95 8GB camera, the starting up takes a modest 3 seconds which is so much better than my previous HP rw6828 which can easily take 10 seconds. While the HP rw6828 takes 2 minutes to save a 2 Megapixel image, the N95 8GB takes, processes and saves 5 Megapixel images in hardly over 2-3 seconds, ok mind me if I had my standard really low or nothing better else to compare too, but I am actually blown by the Zeiss Camera, it’s very markable indeed!

Indoor without flash
Sunny outdoors
Shaded outdoors

I personally had not tested the burst function, but I think that’s not something I might actually use unless catching formula one maybe later this year.
The photos provided for here are resized and slightly compressed for web, but otherwise the contrast, brightness etc are all the same to allow you to gauge the rough quality of the photos. Though the phone is nothing compared to a dedicated Digital Camera, the quality for the N95 8GB is exceptional for an all-in-one device and something which I can easily substitute with carrying a digital camera for casual outings and gatherings with friends. In fact I might not even bother to bring a digital camera out now!

Cloudy outdoors
Skyline detailstext
Night dark



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