This was a very fun & interesting visit, but haven’t really got the chance to share it on the blog – The visit to the CLS plastics workshop in SP last month. Had some really fun & interesting encounters of a “gluey kind” there, despite the rather ever-looming smell of liquid hydrocarbons & machines humming all around…

Plastic Injection Machine
Cool Satellite Thingy
Discussion in the Plastic Workshop

& Yes did I mention it was fun? There were some rather nice machines & processes which really caught my eye. Haha enough talk, guess the pictures will speak for themselves.

Plastic Cabling Rollers
icky Gloey Hot Stuff
How Plastic bottles are made…

Besides black icky & gloey blobs of plastic seemingly representing ACME rubber blackholes when splattered on the floor, another interesting contraption is a blower like thingy which (as it should do) blows the liquid plastic into a thin firm where it cools in the air & rolled into rolls – Plastic Bags! So that is how those plastic bags in NTUC are made!

So what else can a group of us students do with uncut freshly made plastic bags? Turn them into BLOW UP Joist Sticks! Whap Whap! Whap! BAM BURST! opps! Nevertheless the workshop technician was very professional & bestowed upon us alot of his manufacturing knowledge & processes in the industry, rather rather informative indeed.

Whack-a-giant plastic blown up bags!
Hot face facial press anyone?
Few of our “products” for our visit

At least it’s a cool thing for us idiots to at least know something about the undergrounds of plastics.

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