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Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Experience with Singapore population health studies SPSH step tracker

As part of the on-going Singapore population health studies, I was given the opportunity by a researcher during a visit to participate in a new lifestyle tracking study. As of present, they are piloting...

Icelandic horse riding in the countryside mountains

No trip in Iceland will be complete without experiencing the countryside riding on a traditional Icelandic horse, just as how the Vikings did it in the last millennium. Icelandic horses are rather small horses...

Straits Times 2020 Virtual Run setting up

With Covid-19 having not much of a slowdown, we can expect such virtual runs to be mainstay for pretty much this year and even till at least till mid next year. Today I am...

Icelandic Glacier trekking and volcanoes

Iceland is home to a larger number of natural glaciers and an ideal location if you wish to experience the vertical limit for the day. Many of the glaciers here on the island date...

Decathlon Run 2022 Running Event

Decathlon Run 2022 is one of the few major running events in Singapore mid this running calendar year kicking-off with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. The event organised by Decathlon Singapore leverages the best...

2022 Decathlon Run 7km and 5km race report

The 2022 Decathlon Run is a sport running event held in Singapore over two event segments comprising of a 5km and a 7km run. Decathlon Singapore touts their hybrid virtual and physical run allowing...

Army Half Marathon 2022 Run

The SAFRA Sheares bridge run and Army Half Marathon 2022 (SSBR & AHM) is upon us again with their second virtual installment, since the event went completely virtual last year. Let see what’s going...

Seletar Reservoir nature park exploration

Let's do an exploration of the Seletar Reservoir nature park today with a walk through and exploration of the area, checking out the sights and sounds. Furthermore, park sits on far east bank of the...

Old Thomson road forest trail explorations

Let's take a nature trail walk at the old Thomson road nature park. It is a small cosy nature site situated at one of Singapore's old kampungs which blends a nature walk with a...

Standard chartered marathon SCM 2022 race pack collection

Let’s check out the Standard Chartered marathon SCM 2022 race pack collection and race expo. The event is a rite of passage for all runners of the event. Here you collect all your race...

Standard chartered marathon 2022 Race report

The Standard Chartered marathon 2022 was a-go and wow was that a race. The race happened last Sunday morning, with over 40 thousand runners over the weekend for all 4 running event distances of...


Coco Peranakan vegetarian restaurant

Coco vegetarian Peranakan cuisine is a small cosy peranakan restaurant offering affordable Nyonya style vegetarian cuisine in the convenience of a downtown mall in...

Ninja Chirashi Japanese Dons

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Merry Xmas and Happy new 2023

Happy holidays and a prosperous New year in 2023. It's that time of year once more! Let's take a break from the hustle and bustle...

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