Dropped down to hello shop, Orchard today. There was this very funny aura there which was rather “funny” initially, the “coming soon” sign is gone now, being replaced with a “features” backdrop in the store. but still a dummy phone on display, so I approached the salesgirl regarding the launch…

“cuse me, is the SX1 out yet?” (for the millionth time this year) 💡
“its out, shes says” 😉
“ahhh out?, I replied” 😮

So it was a soft launch/opening they say, the phone is actually out today! and yea… got it, finally got the phone! (after a 5 month wait) but at a helfty $888 with a 2 yr contract with singtel, but with my mum who’s willing to fork out 50% of the cost, that helped loads. Now my SX1 is softly having a nice long 6hr initial charge before I can finally use it… whee! 😈

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