Thats the news on the Sunday times today, boring? It’s kinda contrasting in reference to my experience there. Well, maybe the crowded is not that big, say 200-250? but if it were any larger & I think we gonna need a bigger place… Anyway, the article hardly even covers anything from the con at all. Furthermore the blog awards are largely based on speakers from the 1st 1/2 hour of the con, nothing on kenny sia, me or miss flickr, not to mention our game of “smash the remote tanks” or even the belly dancers at the end!

The com’s program is otherwise very much known & fixed, so one can easily tell whats & whos up next or so. So theres a high possibly that the reporters left right after Mr Ramm’s introduction, where mr brown kinda like “signaled” a break or so. Then maybe its like maybe “POOF” off they go, burying themselves in spreadsheets & word processing in time for today’s article.

Sweeping? eh..


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