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Tomi Sushi at Millenia Walk

Tomi Sushi is a household casual dining Japanese restaurant situated in the Marina Bay district neighbourhood in Millenia Walk, serving up traditional sushi and Japanese delicacies. If you’re a sushi lover looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience, Tomi Sushi is a great place to visit. Let’s check them out with a lunch dine-in today.

Restaurant entrance at Millenia Walk.
Restaurant entrance at Millenia Walk.

Furthermore, on some history, Tomi Sushi originated from Joetsu City in Niigata Prefecture. Their history that spans six decades. It all started with the establishment of their main outlet, the “Takada Branch”, back in 1954. Also, the restaurant takes pride specialising around the key elements of fish, rice, and culinary expertise. This rich history has shaped the present-day Tomi Sushi, which now brings its unwavering passion to Singapore.

Also, the establishment has since expanded to several locations in Japan and other countries. This includes Singapore, where it opened its first outlet in 2010. Over time, Tomi Sushi has grown significantly and currently operates three branches in Singapore, in Novena, Katong and here at Millenia Walk. Each branch offers a slightly different dining experience, with its unique menu and decor.

Try their set meals

Moreover, in typical Japanese fanfare, meals are delightfully offered as sets. Options include their Osusume Lunch ($45), a well as their Gindara set ($28). Also, if you crave noodle dishes, their Nabeyaki Udon ($18), Yosenabe ($15) and Soba set ($30) are worth considering.

Osusume Lunch $45, a staple meal for your dine-in.
Osusume Lunch $45, a staple meal for your dine-in.

Moreover, Tomi Sushi offers a menu for singles or as a group. For sharing, I would recommend their Sushi Platter ($40-$50). A great choice when you need to “catch them all” looking to sample a variety of sushi, and undecided on sushi choices. It includes a selection of nigiri sushi and maki rolls, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Also, separately, the Salmon Belly Sashimi ($15- $25), is a dish of fatty salmon belly slices. They are known for its rich, buttery flavor. It’s a popular choice among sushi lovers.

Tomi Sushi nigiri sushi and maki rolls.
Tomi nigiri sushi and maki rolls are of good quality.

Additionally, sides includes their Soft shell crab ($12) as a nice side dish to go with your soupy meal. The crab is fried well, crispy which you can eat the shell in-entirely. Also, Tomi’s Chawanmushi ($10-$15) is a delightful take on the traditional Japanese staple. It comprises of a type of savoury egg custard, often served as an appetizer. However, Tomi Sushi’s version includes shrimp and mushrooms, making it a flavorful and filling starter.

Soft shell crab
Chawanmushi staple

Premium dishes

Moreover, if you desire something more premium, their lower grade Wagyu is a consideration. Options include their Wagyu Beef rice Don set (priced $28-$38). It is a dish for those who love beef. It is served with tender, flavorful beef is served over a bed of rice, with a side of miso soup. Though the wagyu beef is not as fine in quality as the one we tired at Rubicon steak house in Thomson, but is more affordable here.

Yosenabe Japanese Hot Pot
Roasted fish

In addition, their Grilled Eel ($28-$38), or unagi, is a classic Japanese dish that is often served over rice. Tomi Sushi’s take on the grilled unagi is prepared with a sweet and savoury sauce, making it tender and flavourful.

Price-wise, Tomi Sushi is priced on the higher end of the spectrum, with most dishes costing between $20-$50. However, the use of premium and quality ingredients, coupled with good attentive service make it worthy the price to pay for.

Wrapping up

Tomi sushi has a rustic setting complete with light wood interior and restaurant dining section compartmentalized sectioned into small dining rooms. Also, the restaurant’s interior features a modern Japanese design with warm lighting, wooden furnishings, and traditional Japanese decor.

Sushi set
Mini Udon

In-addition, there is also a mix of booth and table seating. The overall ambience is relaxed and inviting. It makes for a great spot for a casual dinner with friends or a date night. Also, the attentive and helpful service staff is one of the highlights of Tomi Sushi at Millenia Walk, in pure Japanese hospitality. They are always happy to help.

Wrapping up, the Tomi Sushi has a traditional counter-side sushi bar. Here, can sit for a single person meal and watch the skilled chefs prepare your food with great skill and dexterity. Also, if you prefer a more secluded dining, the restaurant offers a private dining room if you want a more private dining experience. The interior room are decorated with traditional Japanese artwork and can seat up to six people and great for corporate gatherings. Here, the room seating is arranged in a way that provides privacy for each table, giving you a sense of exclusivity while dining.

All in all, Tomi Sushi at Millenia Walk is one up to shortlist for an authentic Japanese dining experience. It is complete with a serene and peaceful atmosphere combined with its traditional Japanese décor. They do know their stuff and an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine in a modern, inviting setting with Japanese delicacies are sure to tantalize your taste buds.


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Tomi Sushi Locality Map

Tomi Sushi at Millenia Walk
Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Blvd,
#02-12/13 Millenia Walk,
Singapore 039596
Opening Hours: 11:30am- 2:30pm
5:30pm- 9:30pm (Split shift)


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