And there we have it, 9 weeks of internship gone in a flash and school’s reopening next week. Time do flies and it’s not exactly “tiring” or “difficult”, but strangely neither as the saying goes: “Time passes when you are having fun”. Lets face the facts, work is not always enjoyable, that’s why people get paid to work! But I guess having to do what you like to do as work and get paid for it is the best of both worlds.

Not exactly conducive, but I have a dedicated work desk during my term there and my own space to dump just about anything I want for personalisation, like SPAWN figures to decorate the table, toy cushion arm and palm rests, whiteboards, blow up neck support cushions and even our own private stash of finger foods. There’s balcony where we can see the whole of the CBD and rocher area, which is also home of the company’s Pok Pok Department.

My work place office
My Desk!
The Pok Pok Department Inc.

I am thankful to have to have my job round the city area specifically at SimLim Tower (contrary to some of my other classmates working in remote areas at either ends of Singapore), which not only give good views from the window but also a breeze when to get items, after work shopping and a breeze to meet up with friends in town. Daily lunches are interesting too, with me learning where are the best and the most affordable chicken rice, char siew rice, minced meat noodle (ba-cho mee) and yun tun mee (just to name afew). Daily journeys see me through the Singapore Art district too, which is rather pleasant sight in my way to daily work.

Journey to work
Daily sights through the arts district
Daily sights & sounds

My Liason officer came for 2 visits during my 9 weeks (the 3rd and 2nd last weeks). Noteable events includes my role there as a senior programmer and coaching/teaching current fulltime programmers (duh I am an intern?) to better prepare them for future and more advanced programming jobs. Overall I am glad to be of help, being a teamplayer and appreciated of my contributions, it’s just the driving force. Monday Lunch on my last week was on my boss in Miss Clarity’s Cafe, ending with a the late night Shaun’s farewell CS session last night with drinks and Canadian pizza on the house! Totally!

Last but not least, I’ve got A for my internship!


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