Caught Madagascar at orchard Lido today with Dom. Smuggled in 2 subway sandwiches as lunch into the cinema to munch on. The place is about 2/3 filled, mostly with kids, some exceptionally noisy at times, but otherwise manageable with a simple shhh! by anyone. Overall, in direct comparison with other dream works pictures (such as the shark’s tale & the successful shrek series) the show have a very simple plot & relatively simpler, less detailed animation. I guess the focus of this show lies mainly in its crude humor & puns which actually, quite good at times, considering that this is a comedy after all! It doesn’t have very much of an in-depth story which in the end, makes a turnaround & a rather, hanging end. Out of gas anyone? I usually try not to catch movies on weekends, trying to avoid the $9.50 ticket prices as far as possible, but I guess today is an exception…

Alex and Marty

Oh well. Good movies to catch later this year would be Mr & Mrs Smith, Inital-D opening by the month & Chicken little. Stay tuned on the cine radar dudes.

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