:mrgreen: Watched the first episode of the Dilbert DVD series this morning while having breakfast.. dang I should stop tempting myself to eat in front of the computer, with the exception of bread crumbs & tea stains all round the keyboard. I won’t be amused if my desk is the worst bacteria hot zone in my home. Felt slightly nauseated while playing half-life 2 today, very funny though & I thought only wimps or my visitors in roller coaster tycoon get this kind of feeling. Rested away from the computer by reading the daily papers, not to mention the sunday comics before finding out that my computer refresh rate was accidentally set to an all time low- 60Hz while it should be at 75-85hz. Sooo thats the casue of the dizzness…

😎 Looking forward, next week seems to be a week of administration at work/camp. With OVM stores to return and so. The 4 armoured M113 Ultra on the scout side is gonna be returned soon, so are the signal, optics & OVM. Would be able to see few months free of mounted training. Haha just say its an alliance between us sergeants to rid these stores, if not its just inviting “unnecessary training” our officers always want us to do for our troopers, even our troopers are sick of them already. Based on the schedules, next year would see a possible chance of heli-brone training, specifically air-insertion from a chinook helicopter. The closest I could see to that was the rappelling training I did back last year.. haha & yes it was fun… A medic course would be on next week & the highlight would be buddy to buddy “dripping” that involves.. erm poking each other with needles, oh hello bruises!

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