A good way to end the 2nd last week in Sispec- take a non stop 12km run, said OC to the company. And yea there we went like brainless fools, like him running madly. So why the sour grape? It was definitely of achievable distance, but the heck? we are only expected to run only 7km as planned, what the extra mileage for? everybody’s stinkingly low on morale and there he is giving out war cries like a level 5 Orc War Taren. *duh* I wanna be compensated!

*throws abit of tantrum* Oh yea, the run was conducted yesterday, Infantry day an annual event where all the infantry units in SG gather at tekong for competitive runs where teams send in their best runners to win the 22km Tekong challenge. For me and my coy, we are just casual runners in the “healthy lifestyle run (++ free bonus 6km) ” everything ended in the late morning where we booked out around noon.

Jus as shagged and sleepy after the run. The rest of the section managed to crawl to beach road to get our chevrons sewed on and we felt cheated having to pay for $4 each set. Had lunch in the vicinity too, OTW. Fingers are itchy after being shoppping deprived for weeks, zipped to Simlim in my “ugly” book out artire & purchased a Linksys PC card ($67, usual $79) and C&C Renegade ($39.90, usual $49.90-$59.90)- all at great bargains *feels momentarily proud*

After reaching and dumping myself in the comfort of home, started building the server section of my home network, this one is a resurrected AMD Atlon 333Mhz from my old notebook, I would be prying it out and building a new ventilated desktop casing for it. The reason why laptops don’t make good 24/7 computers is that they have very very lousy cooling systems, so therefore the redesigned fanned case. oh well, the next thing on my to-do list is to actually find time to get it done…

Mmmmm, and something off-topic but otherwise, interesting, check out this niffy PC mag article Forcing Windows to Crash on forcing your OS to crash, for a good cause- to test the recoverability of your system.

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