And so, I am back from the tekong resort from the 7.30pm fastcraft. Then it was Terminator 3 at Tampanies. The show, though very very similar to the 1991 blockbuster T2, its too, based on the story of machines taking over the world, blah blah blah… (as if we haven’t got enough of it, esp with Matrix Reloaded) Also, its definately more action packed, continuing much of the much-adandoned-old-story-line, which too, seemlingly left dangling at the end of T3 too… I won’t be amused if T4 comes out soon in the years to come… heh.. T4, the rise of humans? dah!

*Next stop, 2fast 2furious!*

And so what happened thoughout the week which is worth noting? Mmm scored silver again for IPPT, but this time with 23/25 points the best thing is running 2.4km within 10mins flat without a sweat. Gotta shave 5cms of my SBJ (standing board jump) and 16s off my 2.4km run timing to get the gold standard. Its train train train… and try better next time.

There are lots to do tomorrow, mostly outings, dinner, meetings and shopping to do. Gotta make every weekend hour count before I head back to “work” on sun morning *darn* guardduty! Time to get a new watch too, my old casio one conked out after spending to much rough times outfield.

Currently Listening: Fourplay- Higher ground


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