Its Vesak Day today and hey, wishin all those celebrating the occasion and alike a very happy vesak day.

And yea, it was a very tiring day yesterday. Some guys came down from some music company (most prob saf related) to film a short intro clip and advert for their new CD ablum, titled SAF songs- from our army. And whew, ya guessed that rite, my platoon was involved in it. And when possible dumb fame is eminent, this will also be my second-th time on TV in-camp since I enlisted in Feb this year. Didn’t know acting can be so tiring too- when you have to retake shots, NGs NGs (esp doing run pass shots again and again!). The acting kinda went on for sometime and it kinda all topped everything up with a dance (yea, dance man!) for the advertisment of the 2 CD product. A few old stars from, the movie Army Daze were there too and they kinda “stole the show too” heh… They do better issue us complimentary CDs for our hardwork…. :p

Passed hand genade handling tests later in the day, so live throws will come sooner or later… Ended the day with IPPT tests, maintained my silver standard with 21 points, would be going for gold the next time. Booked out around 8pm where my dad fetched me to wampoo hawker center for supper (their fish & chips rocks dude!) and back home thereafter.

And what’s there to end this week? Well, I would be awarded marksman for range shooting (hehe so much for Counter-Strike and Time Crisis arcade games) having achieved a 82% successful hit rate with my rifle. Heheheh… more badges for my uniform!

Well, thats all for now, tomorrow will be a short day at camp, will be booking in tonite and bookin out tomorrow night for the weekend again. & hello! Matrix Reloaded on saturday!

Dreams of getting this 6 Disc CD Changer Baby.. Drools…
Currently Listening: MoS- London Digital Dance Floor

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