Though my birthday is next tuesday, the celebrations with my family are already done, the singapore fragfest is also on, not to mention all the birthday celebration call ups. However, though all these anticipation, I had decided to stay in tekong for one more week. Firstly, because I want to help my section mates who are very weak in their IPPT stations and provide the training and coaching I can offer. A sacrifice you may say. Moreover, being the fitter one in my section, I guess its my duty to do so too. (section intergerity they say, lol!) we had grown very close together not only as a section but as a platoon too, sharing our much needed choiubo contacts, stories and stuffs, (to name a few). Secondly, because I want to set challenges ahead of me and acheive the gold standard at physical training. And third, I set myself a goal that no one in my section will fail their PT at the end of the PTP phrase, no one will disrupt alone and everyone will leave together.

Within my section, I am the only qualifed one to leave, however, I also dun like the idea of leaving them too, my sectionmates may not think so, but I feel that its like betrayal to them as a section if I leave, therefore I purposely failed my disruption test. My platoon commander and platoon sergeants have kinda mixed feelins to my decision, but otherwise they are letting me do my job here.

Moreover, my cough is recovering thanks those bitterly disgusting chinese medicine my dad got which I had to gulp down 3 times everyday, and I say, I am pretty geared up to the challenges ahead of me. However, I will disrupt and be out next week, as I have some post birthday BBQ or chalet celebrations with my ex-secondary school mates, will be looking forward to that.

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