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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Comex 2005

As usual, I am a living proof & verification of Murphy's Law, as typical example today when you are in a rush to meet somebody, traffic jams appear & all traffic lights will turn...

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) on PC (x86)

The idea of Windows 8 running on ARM based tablets is unreal, but the idea of running Android on x86 based PCs is even cooler. Knowing the crazed Android platform developer and supporter I...

Finally, Nice and Tidy! New HP L2335

Mum got about purchasing 2 HP L2335 23" WSXGA Monitors after getting a good deal from HP warehouse through a fellow colleague. These babies would easily go for $2k each in stores but got...

Firefox Missing Bookmark, Profile and Extensions Restore

:shock: The last few upgrades for firefox had been rather cool for me, till the latest which completely wiped out my bookmarks... My years of bookmarking all GONE! Duh... only to rejectively close...

Fly by computers!

And well, here am I back from a hard week of work. :wink: I guess some achievements worth mentioning is my 2, 2 hour computers within the period of one month. Firstly with John's...

Tentative Plans for my New Quad-Core PC

One of my ram modules presumably went kaboom few days ago, as my "workstation" desktop system meter reads 510MB ram instead of 1024MB previously. so I am very much left with 50% of my...

Tablet Research

Ahh Notebook research.. Been doing alot about it over the last month or so, though I always hate surfing & drooling over items which ultimately... I COULDN'T even afford in the first place. You know...

Intel Driver Bay NUC 11 Compute Element

Looking back, we last saw the Intel NUC 9 compute, code named "Ghost/Quartz Canyon" last year. It was a revolutionary product at its launch, building on the Intel NUC tried and tested layout. New...

DIY your own home theater personal computer – Installing the CPU

Article table of contents First impressions, Installing RAM & the addon cards About the heatsink. installing the CPU Installing CD-ROM & Harddrive. Wrapping & booting up Installing the CPU, some interesting parts A small confined case requires some careful...

250GB of dunkin’ space

Managed to slipstream my winXP OEM together with MS service pack 2 in the morning. Now I have a complete new bootable winXP CD-Rom I can install in my computer anytime I reformat with...

The bane of Windows 10, how to disable Windows telemetry

My experience with Windows 10 had been a love-hate affair. It started great as a lightweight replacement to my main Windows 7 daily driver. The lightweight operating system was well received globally. It offers...

intel Rocket Lake 11-gen CPUs, an underdog?

Intel announced their new Intel Rocket Lake CPUs as the successor to the previous-gen Comet Lake CPUs. Designed for desktop performance, the new Rocket Lake range of Intel desktop CPUs. Also, it takes advantage...

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Jurassic world cafe is a themed novelty café restaurant establishment located at Orchard Ion Sky. Yes, that Ion which sits on top of Orchard...

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