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Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Intel LGA1160 and LGA1366 sockets to replace LGA775 by end this year

Little background of the upcoming processors and socket, as shown on the picture on the left, the larger LGA1160/1366 chip is based on the Nehalem platform spotting between one and eight cores running on...

Microsoft Surface Laptop review

The Microsoft Surface name is more of a household brand name in the tech world today. Since Microsoft introduced the first range of Surface devices in 2012, it is a name synonymous with Windows...

Da ubber PC up and running, Windows Vista pitfalls

Finally, finally! got my PC up and running at full capabilities, that is of course with an absence of 1-2 days having to deal with unsupported so far my experience with Vista had been...

Alienware 20th anniversary launch party at Club Millian

Alienware was at Club Millian this evening to celebrate 20 years in providing high-performance PC gaming to the masses. The club grounds were decked out with food and a variety of tech booths offering...

Codetalk- tips to minimise spam in HTML form submit elements and comments

On the internet, I guess everyone is no stranger to spam and I believe neither is any of us is a fan of one. Spam always plague webmasters and our websites, finding difficult to...

Rainy rainy rainy

It had been raining since I woke up this morning. Haiz cannot go for my usual sunday swim laps, nor even go for my contingency exercise plan to run in the evening. Looks like...

BulletProof HP StorageWorks XP12000

HP has a tendency to use gun metaphors when talking about their storage solutions, and the newest one is 'bulletproof'. Instead of the wussy technical term for it, they went out and shot a hole...

Windows Longhorn “Aero” Gallery

Some shots and dots of the upcoming successor of windows xp, the Windows Longhorn "Aero" design. When the Windows XP "Luna" user interface was revealed in February 2001, the Windows User Experience team took great...

Re-capping the PSU failure

Mmm didn't really get much of blogging lately. Anyway here are some worthy highlights of the last week worth noting. I did mentioned that I got myself an Antec True Power-II 480W Power supply unit...

Hands on new Windows 10 Sets Tabs Feature

The upcoming introduction of tabs (Sets) in Windows 10 is plenty to be excited about. It goes about the idea of allowing you to bunch together multiple windows together as tabs in a single...

Computer Arrived! Day Driver

Got a call from 8 flags Computers around 5.30pm on thursday afternoon which I missed (was in the gym during that time after school). Recapping, dad loaned me the car for today just...

How to schedule less than daily (Weekly, monthly) Windows Server Backups in Task Scheduler

One of the frustrating things about Window server backup is the inflexibility and inability to specify a backup frequency other than daily backups and nothing less than once a day. Especially if you are...

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Human x Nature: Environmental Histories of Singapore

Human x Nature: Environmental Histories of Singapore is a new nature documentation exhibition held at the National Library Building Singapore. Located in the Bugis...

1.30 dim sum

Wooftopia Pet Cafe

Pink Fish Changi Jewel

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Cafe Lodge YWCA Fort Canning Orchard

Cafe Lodge YWCA is a chill family restaurant offering a selection of Asian and western dishes on a rotational menu. The hotel coffee house...

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