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Friday, March 24, 2023
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New Balance Real Run 2005

It had been sometime since I woke up to the morning darkness, but today is an exception as the long awaited New Balance Real Run 2005 is on this morning! Had the "econo" Beehoon...

SP Sports complex opening

Well, its finally the day of the long awaited SP Sports Grand opening day, with poppers, balloons, unicyclists, not to mention bag pipers in quilts, yea, my friend Andre came to school in his...

NTU X Campus Run

Met up with Erick, Darius & the rest of the track gang at Dover MRT to gather & make our way to NTU , where the annual X Campus run was held. We...

Spent Saturday of runs

The schedule calls for a meeting at SP stadium at 10am today by the track commitee for a rather short brief & rehersal on the upcoming SP sport complex heats events on next week,...

South West Aquathlon 2005

Its a nice sunny day for a biathlon. Met up with ahlong & the rest of the Track members at food court 5 before preping ourselves for the event ahead... 80 over people participated...

Finally, details on the Biathlon!

Whee! Heres the juice: Hi All! Thanks for your participation! Just a gentle reminder... Date: 2nd of July 2005 (Saturday) ReportingTime: 9.00am Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Swimming Pool Registration Fee: $5 Contact Person: Amelia 96864138/ Liza 94761462 Things to bring: Swimming Attire ...

Track & Field

Track & Field, SP disabled biathlon SWCDC

Run progress

5mins 50s for 1.5km road relay & 9mins 32s on a 2.okm leisure run, these are my current training timings for the armour route relay (ARR) coming 13th May 05. The 1.5km saw a...

Am I crazy?

I hate to say this, but personally I find myself super addicted to exercise. Not to mention often missing the feeling of fatigue during my regimes... an adrenaline addiction? Maybe because of this, I...

Jog da round

Mum finally succumbed to my constant bragging of going for runs & exercising. & mind you I don't take excuses such as a long day at work or "look its 8pm & I just...


Dang I am so awake now, just woke up from 2x 10hrs sleep blocks fromt he last 48hrs. Oh well, since I am very much up myself... lets just recap some happenings yesterday. Literally slept...


Coco Peranakan vegetarian restaurant

Coco vegetarian Peranakan cuisine is a small cosy peranakan restaurant offering affordable Nyonya style vegetarian cuisine in the convenience of a downtown mall in...

Ninja Chirashi Japanese Dons

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