Let’s check out the sights and sounds in the capital of Denmark. Notably, Copenhagen is the most livable city in the world. You can see why, the streets are buzzing with people, a very cosmopolitan city in comparison. Also, Copenhagen Denmark is home to castles and palaces, such as the Amalienborg and RosenBorg palaces, world-class museums, great chill areas, zoos and a great theme park called Tivoli.

Nyahn harbour at Copenhagen Denmark city
Nyahn harbour at Copenhagen city Denmark.

Welcome to Copenhagen Denmark

Moreover, your arrival at Copenhagen can either include a flight in or in my case, via train terminating at Koebenhavn H (Copen) central station. Notably, high speed rail is a great way to travel around in Scandinavian Europe and well-connected to the airport and other major cities.

City center
City Square
Shopping arcades

For instance, Stockholm is a 5 hours train ride away before my trip in here. It takes you through the beautiful Scandinavian countryside with nice rolling hills before arriving right in the heart Copenhagen city central station.

Shopping streets
Fast retail
Lego shops
Got lego?
Cozy streets

City square of events and shopping

Furthermore, Copenhagen central railway station is located within the city center. There is alot happening here, with open event squares, pubs and rows of shopping streets. Interestingly, a full-fledged amusement theme park Tivioli also sits right beside the station in the heart of the city center. You can read more on my in-depth coverage of Tivoli Gardens here. Additionally, here is the Radhuspladsen City Hall Square.

City hall
Nice gardens
Got Beer?

It is an event spot. During my visit, the square was hosting an open air concert ground. Interestingly, there is also a mobile crane offering literally a high-dining experience with your dining table suspended at the crane top.

Square events

Also, if shopping is what you are after, not too far from the central station (about 600m) is the Strøget district. This is Copenhagen main shopping area and a great place to find items at a large range of prices.

Got bars?
Chill drinks

Copenhagen is also home to many affordable hostels. These typically bind many communities together and typical beer nights which you can chill and mingle with tourists from all walks of life. It is a very lively and cosmopolitan city indeed.

Copenhagen Nyhavn food area and historic wharf

Copenhagen Denmark Nyhavn food area and historic wharf is full of restaurants and pubs. A very touristy spot
The Nyhavn food area and historic wharf is full of restaurants and pubs. A very touristy spot.

Also, the city has a buzzing port life, typical that of an old European port, like Nyhan harbor, you also get Danish pancakes, pastries and seafood cuisine. Chill along the Nyhavn, the spot is great for the rows of nicely painted shop houses and rows of restaurant and pubs great for a chill-out.

Nyhan harbour from the river
Copenhagen Denmark Nyhan harbour from the river.

Though I find the spot tad bit over rated and too touristy. Additionally, this spot in Nyhavn is where you can take a river cruise through the Copenhagen havn (river). The river used to serve as a gateway from the sea to the old inner city at Kongens Nytorv (King’s Square).

Out on a cruise!
Ships docked
Bay side

Also, on the cruise, you can catch views across the river, the Copenhagen Opera House. The modern building was built in 2004 and one of the world’s most expensive, costing upwards of an astonishing $370M.

Navy ships
Navy dock

Also, it is administered by the Royal Danish Theatre, and has a main stage with five secondary stages within. Your river cruise will do a loop around with a view of the Little mermaid statue from the river side too before heading back.

Opera house
Copenhagen river
Little mermaid

A free and liberal city

Copenhagen is as liberal as it can get when it comes to expressionism. Additionally, an interesting neighbourhood to visit would be the Freetown Christiania neighbourhood at Pusher Street.

Happy buskers on Copenhagen Denmark streets
Happy buskers on Copenhagen streets.

It is located in the South East of the city across the river, this 7.7 hectare neighborhood is an enclosed haven for people to express themselves. You enter Christiana via two large metal gates like a rabbit hole transporting you into a completely different land.

Town areas
City shops

Moreover, Christiana can be quite an eye-opener. Interestingly, the smell of weed linger in the town, and is decked with several markets and independent shops hawking organic goods, pretty much a happy hippie land.

Christiana town Copenhagen Denmark
Christiana town.

Moreover, the area is decked with a myriad of graffiti which can be found on literally any flat surface here. Also, you do feels like you are Alice in an unfamiliar wonderland. This free-rein in Copenhagen Denmark is a stark contrast to how Singapore givens the country like a nanny state. Also in the Christiania neighbourhood is the Church of Our Saviour. It is a Baroque, 17th-century place of worship with distinctive steps and carillon around the building exterior spire.

Castles and palaces

Copenhagen Denmark Amalienborg Palace and park fountains
Amalienborg Palace and park fountains.

Additionally, Copenhagen is no short of Castles and palaces. The palace opened on 1760 and is the home of the Danish royal family. A central courtyard sits square and surrounded by the various palace buildings and staterooms.

Copenhagen Denmark Amalienborg Palace main palace square
Amalienborg Palace main palace square

Also, the Amalienborg Palace is one located by the river where you can catch the daily (Change of guard) at noon. It is quite a large spectacle.

Copenhagen Denmark Palace Change of guards at noon on summer months
Palace Change of guards at noon on summer months.
Palace guards
At attention
Guard on parade

Here, at the square, you can see large groups of well-dressed bands and precision drill soldiers marching into the square during the change parade. It is quite a spectacle and one to be included in your visit to the palace here.

Palace grounds
Palace guards
View from palace

Additionally, the palace is also a museum, which you can visit the various intricately decorated state rooms including a majestic throne room.

Palace courtyard

Also, the Amalie Garden sits by the riverside and is a nice urban park. If you were to stand from Frederik’s Church, you can get great views through the Amalienborg palace grounds all the way to the river side.

Copenhagen Denmark Marble church interior
Marble church interior.

Moreover, speaking of Frederik’s Church, it is an Evangelical Lutheran church you can visit in the city. Also, you may know it as The Marble Church (Marmorkirken) and known for its rococo architecture. You can visit it for free and the standing piece is the central dome and intricate details in its interior.

Church exterior

Christiansborg Palace

Furthermore, just beside the National Museum of Denmark is the Christiansborg Palace. It is seat of the Danish Parliament which you can enter the palace garden grounds. Also you here, can view the preserved Christiansborg palace ruins. Notably, several palace facilities are used by the Danish monarch, including the Royal Reception Rooms and Royal Stables.

Copenhagen Denmark Christiansborg Palace with Frederik VII statue
Christiansborg Palace with Frederik VII statue pictured.
Palace fountain
Palace Grounds
Castle backwall

Also, most attractions are within the city square within a square kilometer. Though Copenhagen is well connected by an underground subway network, it would be recommended to actually walk between attractions and stay on the surface. You can navigate comfortably on foot even in the summer heat.

Garden statues
Palace guards
Palace drills

Copenhagen Rosenborg Castle gardens

Copenhagen Denmark Rosenborg Castle viewed from the gardens in the summer
Rosenborg Castle viewed from the Kings gardens in the summer.

Lastly, the Rosenborg Castle is a great nice green garden space to spend an afternoon time in greenery. It is known by locals as the Kongens Have, otherwise known as the “King’s Garden“. Check out the lush gardens, especially popular int he summer months.

Copenhagen Denmark Castle King's Garden, with rows of manicured trees in the botanical public garden
Castle King’s Garden, with rows of manicured trees in the botanical public garden.
Castle interior
State Rooms
Working rooms

Also, these palace grounds has a large public green space popular with locals. Notably, Rosenborg Castle is a renaissance castle built as a country summerhouse in the 1606. You can visit the palace at your own time as a museum. It is open year-round.

Intricate ceilings
Castle corridors
Castle living areas

Additionally, its 17th-century design and architecture is a prime example of Christian IV’s many architectural projects, with red brick topped with green spires. Moreover, Rosenborg Palace is also home to a museum which you can visit the various state rooms and living areas.

Rosenborg Palace Throne room
Rosenborg Palace Throne room.

Also, included in your visit is entry to the Copenhagen Denmark Royal Treasure vault where you can enter to view royal jewels and crowns.

Vault displays

Usually, these jewels are often locked up and not available for public viewing. But this is Copenhagen and what other better way than to share the riches with the people. If you are into glitz bling, you probably can’t get enough of the myriad of crown jewels here in the castle basement vault.

Cravings displays
Treasure vaults
Museum stretch

Copenhagen zoo, a world-class city zoo

We had visited Rosenborg Castle is one of the few gardens in the city. Additionally, the Copenhagen Geological Zoological Museum (40DKK entry) and the Copenhagen Zoo (160DKK) are also a place to spend a day.

Welcome to the Copenhagen Denmark zoo
Welcome to the Copenhagen zoo!
Zoo grounds
Polar bears

It is a world-class zoo and is a rather large one to boot. You could easily spend an entire day in the zoo. Also, the zoo is home to native Scandinavian animals, such as moose, bears and wolves. Animals you could not otherwise find in the tropics.

Aquarium area
Copenhagen Denmark Zoo guest to animal interaction areas
Zoo guest to animal interaction areas.
Red pandas

Moreover, there are plenty to keep you entertained in the zoo. The zoo is very family friendly with many interaction points where children can mingle with tame animals roaming about the zoo.

Petting zoo
Swimming polar bear

Also, you be good for an entire afternoon at the zoo. Speaking of family fun, also, no visit to Copenhagen is complete without a visit to the Tivoli Gardens. The theme park is open daily 11:00am to midnight on summer months and one of the must-visit for thrill seekers.

Visit the Kastellet island fortress

Copenhagen Denmark Kastellet island fortress with cannon and the barracks in the background
Kastellet island fortress with cannon and the barracks in the background.

Going on additional green spaces in Copenhagen. Moreover, the Kastellet is a 17th century island fortress. The fortification is shaped like a five pointed star and is both a public park and a military training facility. Notably, the Kastellet is one of north Europe best preserved fortifications, right here in the heart of Copenhagen Denmark.

Kastellet map
Barracks area

Notably, Kastellet is one of the most historically evocative sites in Copenhagen. On bit of history, Kastellet was originally commissioned by Frederik III in 1662. He was king of Denmark and Norway since 1648.


Moreover, being built as a military installation fortress with defensive structures, today it traces much of it’s military roots till today. Also, the fort’s grassy ramparts and moat surrounding some beautiful 18th-century barracks.

War memorial
Kastellet Windmill
Kastellet park

Besides a barracks, you can also find several decommissioned decorative canons lined along the fortress edges. Presumably which used to defend the fort. There is also a war memorial here. There is also a chapel here, legend foretold it is occasionally used for concerts. The vast green spaces is also home to a windmill.

Bay side walk
Gefion Fountain

The Kastellet park area is a popular running spot by the river and is commonly used to host various professional running events in the city. There was one such race on when I was visiting too.

St Alban’s Church
Running event

Copenhagen’s Genetically Modified Little Mermaid

Moreover, just along the river side by Kastellet is home to the little mermaid statue. Or rather what it is known as the “Genetically Modified Little Mermaid”. Also, the bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen sits by Langelinie Park river side is the stuff of legends which inspired the Disney’s Little mermaid animation movie.

Copenhagen Denmark Genetically Modified Little Mermaid statue by the river
Genetically Modified Little Mermaid statue by the river and an icon of Copenhagen Denmark.


It is worthy to note that most of the castles and palaces are museums point of interest themselves. Besides that, here are some notable ones in addition. The National Gallery of Denmark sits on green space just north across the street from Rosenborg Castle.

National museum

Moreover, in a nutshell, the National Musuem is one of Anthropology. Here, the exhibits sees and showcases the scientific study of humanity. Particularly with focus with human behavior, human biology, cultures and societies in Denmark and Copenhagen for that matter.

Iron age
Stones ages

Here you can find displays of Danish stone ages all through with paintings to a showcase of our current modern digital life.

Modern displays

Design museum

Additionally, if European industrial design is your fancy, the Designmuseum (The Design museum) Denmark is a great visit. It is located on the east side of the city and within walking distance from the Kastellet fortification.

Entrance to the Copenhagen Design museum
Entrance to the Copenhagen Design museum.

Entry costs DKK115 for adults. It is the museum showcasing various Danish industrial designer works, especially those which painted Copenhagen Denmark on the design scene. Here, example exhibits includes those by Hans Jørgensen “Wegner”, and the Danish Chair, the wunderkammer of chairs by Boris Berlin, a notable Danish furniture designer, you could recognize for his trademarked arm chair design.

Wenger chairs
Wenger exhibition
Furniture design

Moreover, the museum is not big and you are good for about 2 hours tops here. Also on display are a number of vintage furniture no longer in production.

Permanent exhibitions
Royal pavilions

Climb the Round Tower for great views

Additionally, the Round Tower 17th-century tower with an observatory, planetarium, event hall and spiral ramp instead of stairs. Also, the top of the church has an observation deck and a gift shop on the top viewing deck floor which you can climb up and visit for free.

View from top of the Copenhagen Denmark Round church
View from top of the Round church.
Round church exterior
Church interior
Go round up

Additionally, the interior of the church is decked in white with gold trimmings with a clean look. A massive pipe organ sitting above the entrance. Also, do check out the view from the top of the round church, the ground floor is service area with a couple of contemporary art galleries on the intermediate floors.

Round Tower Church Interior
Round Tower Church Interior.
Exhibition area
Church rooftop
Distant turbines

Moreover, Kids will love the Tycho Brahe Planetarium. It is tad a family-friendly science center with a cosmo focus. Here, it teaches on the various planetary systems, as well as space explorations. There is also an IMAX theater here.

Tycho Brahe Planetarium
Tycho Brahe Planetarium.
Planetarium Exhibits
Copenhagen City square
City hall Bishop Absalon

All in all, Copenhagen Denmark is one buzzing with history, culture both new and old and one of the happiest countries in the world. That can be seen in the environment, the people which makes Copenhagen one of my favorite European cities in the world.


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