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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Fun with QR codes, thanks Japan!

QR codes had been around for sometime, but I guess since with the wave of talk about it and the use of it in advertisements not only in the papers but busstops as well,...

Henderson Waves and Forest Walk Night edition, it was a fun drench!

Well, tonight (well technically, last night as it's morning now) saw a visit to the Southern ridges park connector again, only that this time it's held at night. So I was thinking hey why...

Lego A380, the biggest Lego airplane ever made

I had been always a fan of Lego, having grown up with them since I was a kid, even I do occasionally build some contraptions of my own especially with the Lego Mindstorm series....

News from my poly junior- Kuriakin Zeng, Singapore Polytechnic’s first Harvard accepted student

Good news come early this may. Apparently, my Polytechnic junior Kuriakin Zeng, who's notoriously labeled now as the "Harvard, Poly reject" is the first Singapore polytechnic student who've been offered a place to study...

An un-conditional offer from Cambridge University!

There was something rather interesting in the mail today. A nice thick white plain envelope addressed from the University of Cambridge identified via a faint stamp on the corner, nothing fancy, but an avenue...

Ice Skating

Its time of the year again for a class outing & they nominees were - trekking at pulau ubin, day at wild wild wet or ice-skating at fuji ice palace. Apparently, not too many...

Umm I’ve received my 2008 NUS admission results already, and I am in!

With the 'A' level results just out last week, it's busy busy busy now, with applications to scholarships, sending of letters and verifications. Not to mention having to pop by school to get my...

Blood Donation Drive in Singapore Polytechnic

Generally I only see myself donating blood about once every year, otherwise I won't be able to do so when training picks up, if not my coach will really drain my blood if I...

Effective tips to selling fund-raising flags in Singapore

I won't consider myself a veteran flag seller, since I've started my work as a flag day volunteer few years ago in aid for various VWOs such as the Singapore cancer society, heart foundation,...

DBS ATM Security Info

Got a e-mailer from DBS, guess should share it as I believe this not only applies to DBS atms as well. Also, in view of the increasing numbers of ATM card skimming cases around...

It’s the 25th of March and Shaun turns 25 today!

The 25th of march is always a cool day for me, haha, but this year it's much more special as this 25th is my 25th birthday, the magical 2 numbers and I am 25...

Final DSTA interview and NUS Global Merit Scholarship Interview on the horizon

7 Interviews within a period of a month, man that have to be my lifetime record to date. There have been some good news coming in lately, and my agenda will see me through...

Ikea Julbord Christmas Buffet Dinner

Redeye Smokehouse barbecue restaurant

Coco Curry Ichibanya

Istana Heritage Gallery

Stockholm Millesgarden

Chilling at Beyond Villa Phuket


Ce va li Marina Bay Sands

Ce va li is a contemporary and classy rooftop restaurant located on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sand hotel. They serve an assortment...

Shashlik Restaurant Russian Western

Simple Burgers

Jurassic World Cafe Ion Sky

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