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Friday, July 10, 2020
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Guide for applying to UK universities via UCAS for polytechnic students – Part 1...

After my successful application as an international student from Singapore via UCAS (guess many found their way here from a dated blog post), I've been receiving quite a number of questions about the application...

Cambridge University Southeast Asian forum with Thaksin Shinawatra

Going with the old tradition of free speech, the University is known to feature many high profile guest speakers, one which is usually a favorite will be controversial speakers. The usual speaker lineup will...

Guide for applying to UK universities via UCAS for polytechnic students – Part 2...

This is the second part of my guide for applying to UK universities via UCAS for polytechnic students in Singapore, covering the remaining sections, employment, personal statement and reference. 4. Employment If you've have any working...

News from my poly junior- Kuriakin Zeng, Singapore Polytechnic’s first Harvard accepted student

Good news come early this may. Apparently, my Polytechnic junior Kuriakin Zeng, who's notoriously labeled now as the "Harvard, Poly reject" is the first Singapore polytechnic student who've been offered a place to study...

An un-conditional offer from Cambridge University!

There was something rather interesting in the mail today. A nice thick white plain envelope addressed from the University of Cambridge identified via a faint stamp on the corner, nothing fancy, but an avenue...

Umm I’ve received my 2008 NUS admission results already, and I am in!

With the 'A' level results just out last week, it's busy busy busy now, with applications to scholarships, sending of letters and verifications. Not to mention having to pop by school to get my...

Recap of the Singapore Cambridge TSA, more nerve wracking to come

Just came back from the Thinking skills assessment test at Hwa Chong JC. Just as anticipative as I was to receive the news of the test and the interview about 2 weeks ago, I...

Awarded my overseas DSTA Scholarship!

Whee! Got a letter from my scholarship provider, the Defense Science Technology Agency today congratulating me on being awarded their scholarship! It will include fully paid fees for overseas studies in a top overseas...

NUS Global merit scholarship interview

Had my NUS Global Merit Interview, it is one of the 2 interviews conducted in consideration for the prestigious Global Merit (GM), undergrad (Merit) or the basic undergrad scholarships. The interview was conducted by...

Called up for Cambridge University Interviews!

Received an unexpected email from Cambridge University today. I've passed the first phase of selection and being called in for an Interview! Here is part of the message they have in their reply. Dear Shaun, I...

Happy 2012 Lunar New Year of the Dragon!

It's the Chinese new year and of course no new year celebration to welcome to Lunar new year is complete without the inclusion of food! And lots of them. This year's celebrations was held...

A day with the professors NUS GMS Final Interview

I had this funny mixed feeling of happiness yet guilt about going so far and being shortlisted for the final NUS scholarship interviews- As one of my main intentions was to study overseas in...

Chilling at Beyond Villa Phuket

Istana Heritage Gallery

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Coco Curry Ichibanya

Hans im Glück Burgers Vivocity

Ikea Julbord Christmas Buffet Dinner

Burger and Lobster Changi Jewel

Redeye Smokehouse barbecue restaurant


Attending and surviving Defcon hacker convention

DEFCON hacker convention is one of the world's largest and most notable hacker conventions, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year, they are up...

Attending and surviving Blackhat USA

Las Vegas City Nevada

St Petersburg Russian Museum

Exploring St Petersburg City Sights

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A day at the polls GE2020

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