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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger!

Welcome the year of the tiger! A whole new year on the lunar calendar. There had been much talk among the Chinese group here in Cambridge with regards to the new year, particularly how...

When things go pop! Destructive testing in the materials laboratory

Guess what we get to do in the engineering laboratories today, well it's not everyday where you get to use the words "copper, steel and liquid nitrogen" in the same sentence nor being able...

Cambridge University MSA asian food festival

Cambridge University Malaysia Singapore Association organized this event last Saturday, the 30th of January which is essential and asian food festival where the society gets to prepare unique Singaporean dishes for everyone to come...

Cambridge University 800th laser & light show finale

What other cooler way to mark the end of the university's 800th anniversary celebration with a cool and ambient lightshow held at night with fire art performances? Apparently, the whole stretch along Cambridge King's...

Hello 2010! What you have for me to date…

And hey, it’s 2010 and we are almost more than a week into it already. A whole new year, a whole new year of possibilities and expectations! So far so good, but still largely...

Snow in Cambridge! Off to Cardiff!

It snowed throughout last night, what better way there is than to spend the day before touring UK with a snowy white Christmas here in Cambridge? Whoohoo! *fluffs* It had been about 8 and...

With this new found time, comes great responsiblity (and procrastination)

It's important but not Urgent! With term ended a week ago, had about a whiff of freedom and lots to procrastinate, well so as it had been now. I remembered dreading the long days in...

The last day of the term to end

Today is the last day of term! Two months of back to back hectic lectures, supervisions and lab, all over! well for 6 weeks of term break at least. And whoa was it hectic....

The week in Photos

Last week was exceptionally busy, particularly with term coming to and end in about 1 weeks time. Time do pass rather fast when you are buried with work almost literally every day! I even...

Work hard? Play harder! oh yea there’s food as well!

In my latest email from home, it seems that there were some highlights and talk in Singapore of our PM Lee’s speech at Cambridge 800th anniversary gala dinner. Well not that I do not...

About Cambridge colleges and formal (nomming) halls!

With some spare time to spare between classes, I will talk about the college culture here in Cambridge. I believe I touched briefly on this previously on a dated post about Cambridge being a...

Mystery of the disappearing weekend food

No it's not an aftermath of a zombie vending machine raid, but it always seem to be the case here every weekend in school, particularly those staying within the college dorms. The college generally...

Istana Heritage Gallery

Ikea Julbord Christmas Buffet Dinner

Chilling at Beyond Villa Phuket

Redeye Smokehouse barbecue restaurant

Stockholm Vasa Museum

Coco Curry Ichibanya


Pink Fish Changi Jewel

Pink Fish a casual fast food chain serving rather great quality European staple dishes in the heart of Singapore's international airport. The establishment is...

Don Don Donki JEM store

Broadway American Diner Capitol

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