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Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Die comment spammers!

Add a niffy new plug-in to the blog today, namely an additonal field which requires people to enter a security code (from a randomly generated graphic) in order to successfully post a comment. Something...

New site template

Ok, as promised the new site design would be up for all by tonight. You can check it out here. DO NOTE that the new template is not fully up yet. Therefore there might be...

Ups a daisy!

The site would be undergoing a makeover starting today afternoon, during this period there may be some mismatch of colours, images due to the new css styles. But the site would still be up...

New site design comin’ up

Just came back from my WITS leader course at Toh Payoh, HDB hub, its a 9am-5pm workshop held today & tomorrow teaching mainly on skills & knowledge about being a wits team leader. Very...

Tutorials up!

Its finally up & ready! Check out the new computer related tutorials out on site at this URL. One more Kit-modelling tutorial to go. ;)

Typy sunday… or so it was

Well, its late now, time to get some much needed rest from a day of writing. Finished the HTPC & External Harddrive tutorial today, updated the old DIY PC tutorial with some niffy updates,...

New tutorials to come

I've been working on a few tutorials which I hope to launch altogether into the site sometime this week or so, so is the addition of a FAQ & updated tutorial of the old...

National Weekend!

National day is today, & whee red & white madness everywhere...:shock: Ok now for some site based updates for the day... did some minor upgrades & fixes around the site, firstly with the addition of...

New Art Added.

New Art piece, "offender" added to the art gallery.

WP1.2, Start of work.. again

Upgraded to wordpress 1.2, didn't really know bout the new version, thanks to Lest who I met online just now. And mm its sunday & the long block leave is coming to an end now,...

Quick monday

Woke up to another lazy morning, dang bout 10am to be exact, didn't have much time to prepare anything myself. But kinda found time to get the site up & running smoothly again. hehheh...

Revised art gallery up

The site was down yesterday, (damn host) which kinda delayed the upload of the new art gallery. Anyway, its all up now with full glory, check it out!

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