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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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AOH logo done!

On a lighter side, found some time today to come out with a design for the Army open house 2004 logo the creative commitee wanted. You can check out the final version of the...

ORD Loh!

And there I was, driving off to camp after school, drivin' off to camp after school - one last time! Whee, can't believe the day had finally arrived when I get to officially be...

Project “project”

Went for driving this morning, again me and the instructor had talk on driving testers & I guess the Poh guy who took failed me the other month was rather notorious for doing so....

Passed the highway code test

Ok,, so much for the test which I had just took back at the driving center and hey, I've passed and so did 40/50 others in my class. It a class 2B test, and...

7-3 Water Polo win

It is in and its official, the regiment Armour waterpolo team won 7-3 today in a match against Combat Engineers. Yea, great match team!

Its Sunday & ain’t booking in!

Should I be in camp, well not this time, I've been attached to home they say. To get started with the website flash animation for the army open house. A job lasting one week,...

Book Out!

AFTER 2 1/2 weeks in tekong! Haha, this is my first book out (to get the "A"level results), hair short (otherwise much more grown than the first day of cut), clean shaven..otherwise, not far...


And so BMT is over, so whats next in national service? *pauses* oh well, I am posted to the the school of infantry specialists (Sispec) to undergo the BSLC course (basic section leader course)....

Back from earth.. to mars?

Had some fun here & there with my new powershot digi-cam & hey! *SHOOTS* a new moblog pic too.. well, I guess its time I updated it too... Today is very much a day...

Whoa, what a day (long post ahead!)

Friday & sat in glorious truetype text... long but otherwise, quite a good read. :mrgreen: Friday Last night was life firing day, it very much needed us to go through bashing through muddy treks & crossing...

Whirr & Polish!

:twisted: Managed to get out of camp this morning for a dental check-up & cleaning/polishing at Kranji camp. The place is really isolated. Made my way there from Yew Tee MRT station after orientating...

Medical Appointment

You may be wondering why am I here now typing this blog on a weekday when I should be at camp sweating it out... *pauses with anticipative grin* ok, so I will shoot, would be dropping...

Chilling at Beyond Villa Phuket

Stockholm Vasa Museum

Stockholm Millesgarden

Ikea Julbord Christmas Buffet Dinner

Redeye Smokehouse barbecue restaurant


Shashlik Restaurant Russian Western

Shashlik Restaurant is one serving Russian cuisine. It is inconspicuously tucked on the upper 6th floor of Far East shopping center. It is not...

Simple Burgers

Jurassic World Cafe Ion Sky

Ang Mo Kio Loh Mee Laksa

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