Chicken And Egg: A Fowl Tale is a temporary exhibition on now at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. The Singapore Philatelic Museum used to be an old colonial school and postal office and is a little gem of a museum tucked along Coleman Street just off Hillstreet, just behind the Hillstreet fire station. The mini exhibition runs from 20th Jan to18th Jun 2017 in conjunction with the Chinese new year of the Rooster.

Chickens at the Philatelic Museum
Exhibit overview
Info Boards

The mini exhibition sits in a tiny room on the second floor of the museum, which comprises of wall lined info boards throughout the room featuring really adorable chicken illustrations with a strong sense of humor. Here, you get to learn about chickens being really intelligent animals, how chickens came about as domesticated animals through a combination of exploratory flip-out style displays and audio-visual displays. Interesting to see how these flightless birds came into popular culture and viewed across the world (Some have royalty connections too!).

A mini barn sits at the center of the room, filled with kid-friendly stuffed toys and hay, allowing kids to explore the life inside a barn coop. The exhibit also features a mini mock-up cooking area about the various ways to cook eggs for consumption. Being a Philatelic museum too, the displays are not complete without an extensive collection of stamp featuring chickens all over the world. There are decorative eggs, comparison of egg sizes across various bird species in relative to our humble chicken.

Mini Barn
Decorative Eggs

The exhibit is really well put together, informative and worth visiting despite its small size, which is good for a 30-60 min visit if you are around town. The museum opens from 10am to 7pm daily. Entry to the entire museum costs $8 for an adults and children, $6. Admission is free for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. Just bring your NRIC over to the counter for scanning where the friendly counter staff will pass you the entry sticker.

Happy clucking!

View more photos of the Chicken And Egg: A Fowl Tale exhibition here.


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