The Defence Technology Community (DTC) is a 5000-strong community of defence engineers and scientists responsible for developing, acquiring, upgrading and sustaining the SAF’s defence systems and capabilities. This exhibition is part of DTC celebrations happening this week, comprising of a dinner as well as the launch of a DTC commemorative book series. This SGDefence Exhibition on now at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre Hall A from 4 to 8 November 2016 and aims to commemorate the DTC 50th anniversary as part of a series of events around Singapore to recognise and showcase key innovative defence technology innovations developed by the DTC’s engineers and scientists.

Exhibition main entrance
Shaping our defence community
Tech tryouts

You will be greeted by a large futuristic main entrance beckoning you into Cluster one- one of the five clusters spanning the exhibition. This gallery has walls lined with knowledge, remembering the DTC heritage, roots and history of the SAF technology covering the Early Years in Engineering Singapore’s Defence, starting from 1966 as a three-man team within the Logistics Division in then-Ministry of Interior and Defence. (currently known as MINDEF). The clusters lead onto the next in a linear fashion, with cluster two, the largest cluster of the exhibition showcasing the SAF Soldier protection and performance. Here, you can feel and interact with the exhibits, and try out VR-headsets to immerse yourself as a virtual soldier and shoot down adversaries in simulated displays.

Learn how technology is constantly updated and streamlined into transforming the SAF it is today, using technology as a force multiplier. You can see the autonomous M113 armoured personnel carrier on display, one of the experimental autonomous vehicles developed by the community as well as naval ships. Various project engineers and SAF personnel are stationed at the exhibits to aid in any possible questions you have, so don’t be afraid to approach them and learn a new thing or two!

Ships and Air defence
Soldier and Networked capabilities
Autonomous M113

Cluster three focuses on taking pride in smart defence, encompassing MINDEF innovations which improved MINDEF SAF/efficiency and effectiveness from numerous ground-up innovations under the MINDEF PRoductivity and Innovation in Daily Efforts (PRIDE) initiative, as well as the Minister for Defence Award winners for MINDEF PRIDE Day 2016. Have a glimpse into a disaster quick deployable operating theater, have a chat with a service personnel on how technology aids their training.

Cluster four looks into the DTC contributions beyond defence, especially in time of health crises and other national security efforts, including public service and for society. Remember the Infrared fever scanner? That was developed by our DTC engineers in time of health-crises. Remember the underground ammunition storage facility? The DTC were one of the pioneers in the world for that development of the world’s most modern underground ammunition facility, even setting new standards for ground shock adopted by NATO.

Underground storage breakthroughs
Infrared fever scanner
Suggest your ideas

The DTC is recognised for its rigorous evaluation standards and professionalism as a community of world-class engineers, the DTC has displayed ingenuity in its innovations. However, with the growing complexity of global threats, one needs to look continually into the future to developing indigenous defence technological innovations that keep Singapore safe. Cluster fives imagines our future to showcase of our defence engineers hope and dreams for the nation’s defence for the future. The section brings visitors into the glimpse of the future and aims to inspire and encourage aspiring scientists and engineers, who are interested in developing cutting-edge defence technology, to join DTC and the SAF.

Curious about the journey of how Singapore built and strengthened its defence technology capabilities both inside and outside? The SGDefence exhibition is one worthy for all ages, you can tour all the exhibits in under 2 hours, which is good for a family day out. Entry is free and is open to the public daily from 11am to 8pm.

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