The Special Awards 2008 was on today at the SEAMEO regional language auditorium. I was there to witness the special awards 2008 ceremony besides being a recipient of the Lee Kuan Yew award for Mathematics and Science. The award ceremony saw awards being presented to top students from the various secondary schools, ITE and tertiary institutions alike.

Met with Cliff and Andrew, who were there at the event as well so we chatted quite abit. Our Principal, Mr Tan could not make it due to his commitments with a project overseas, so his deputy sent his regards who present at the event. A photo taking session and food reception followed after the ceremony. Got to mingle and talk with few distinguished guests of the event, especially Mr Lee Hsien Long our Prime Minister and Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister of the environment and water resources. It was a joyous occasion, and marks another event on the books after my last scholarship ceremony.

The special awards 2008 at SEAMEO regional language auditorium
Interaction with Mr Lee Hsien Long, our Prime Minister
Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister of the environment and water resources

It’s a small world, I met my GP teacher Miss Dorothy Ong at the event as well, I called their office previously on some enquiries about the event dress code and was surprised that she still recognized me after all these years, (about 5 years to be exact). Moreover, it didn’t dawn to me that my class had left an impression on many of my lecturers in JC previously as told by her, through most of the them are not all reorganized all over the system. Always glad to meet and catch up with old friends on times.



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