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The 31st, the last day for few things!

Today will be the last day of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon early bird special, do quick make your registration if you do not want your fee to jump by by $20. Today is...

Street Directory.com back online with dragable maps

If you were to followup my past articles on virtual map (aka the peeps who run the streetdirectory.com web portal) being shut down by the SLA Singapore Land authority after breaching copyrights, only to...

North Face 100 Singapore (4th October 2008)

THE NORTH FACE 100® REGIONAL SERIES MAKES ITS WAY TO SINGAPORE! - CAN YOU ENDURE? This event is not like your average typical marathon along red-carpet tarmac or pavements, but for those who desire the...

Interesting things people call 999 for, especially for Mas Selamat

With Mas Selamat all round the paper's these days with the 1 million bounty on his head now, that may at least get some fingers working. Looking at the papers today, the $1M is...

Ngee Ann Kongsi 2008 Scholarship ceremony

The Ngee Ann Kongsi 2008 scholarship ceremony was on today. Though I did not apply for the scholarship this year. They kindly invited me and my family over to witness their prize presentation ceremony....

Standard Chartered (SCM) Singapore Marathon 2008 Details

And just as I thought last year's was the last year Standard Chartered will be organising and title sponsor for the Singapore Marathon, being rumored to be their last, well, last year. Apparently, not...

X Prize Foundation – Google Lunar X Project (aka Prize)

Anyone up to the job? Project budget: $1M USD to $2M USD, will not top $5M including long range rockets, side thrusters and rover parts (including long range communication equipment). Most of the rover's...

I Love the World – Discovery Channel

There is a new ad only on regular on Discovery now, ah, my favorite channel. And the same can be said for this Ad as well, it had been sometime since I've came across...

On the SP website again

Looking at the start of the week, it had been a very hectic start for me, namely with work and stuff, even my horoscope is telling me to get out and exercising more, something...

New ISP phishing email (as Singnet) on the books

As part of my usual updates and sharing of Phishing emails I receive in my junk folder in addition to my previous entry on phishing. Here is an interesting new find I got recently,...

iPhone 3G release in Singapore- September

Update: The iPhone is said to be out on August 22nd 2008. This is confirmed with newspaper reports on the Straits Times. Just as September is brining Singtel how on the heels with the first...

Using the da Vinci robotic surgical system to fold origami cranes (video)

Here is an interesting find in the web wilderness. The following video was performed by Dr. Norihiko Ishikawa from the Department of Telesurgery and Geomedicine at the University of Kanazawa using the da Vinci...

Coco Curry Ichibanya

Redeye Smokehouse barbecue restaurant

Istana Heritage Gallery

Hans im Glück Burgers Vivocity

Chilling at Beyond Villa Phuket

Ikea Julbord Christmas Buffet Dinner

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines


St Petersburg Russian Museum

Russian Museum is a Fine-art museum, located on Arts Square at Inzhenernaya Street in Saint Petersburg city, Russia. Moreover, the museum contains a vast...

Exploring St Petersburg City Sights

Izmailovsky Flea Market

Kolomenskoye Ascension Church Moscow

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