My fifth semester results are out! Finally! a perfect score for this semester after failing to always hit the “prefect kill” mark for the last 2 semesters. This semester saw a pristine “Mon-mon-mon-monster kill” with 8 ‘DIST’ out of the 8 Modules taken and ‘A’ for IS module (Internship) in which the ‘A’ grade is the most students can get.

Yupyup so it’s a wicked sick wipe and whats’s more it’s my last academic semester too- with Final Year Projects fulltime next Semester, farewell to E-learning, Mid and End Semester Exams in Poly for now! Your all busted good, for now. Alta Vista Baby!

More statistics on the bump:

Overall GPA Graph Sem5 2007

Overall GPA Graph Sem5 2007

Cumulative Grades Graph Sem5 2007

Cumulative Grades Graph Sem5 2007

Anything worth undertaking, is possible.


    • Hey geekonomics! ya the gadget writer on C-Net right? whoa I love da gadgets!

      Top student? mmm I don’t think so, cus we have no clue of the rankings here in SP, it’s just top 5% listed thats all.

      Mmm job? as in a fulltime job? cus I mainly do part time only. Maybe you can provide more details by contacting me through my email? shaun{at}


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