Collected my SCM Race pack at Suntec today. Meeting my trackmates at Suntec itself (Weiwen, Xiaoqiang, Elrick, Youboon, Alex), after being 1hour late as I’ve to help Sheena with some photography works at the esplanade drive park. My Bib no is 3392. The race pack collection was fast, professional and a breeze. Just hope this year’s baggage collection would be just as fast, maybe as good as this year’s AHM.

Couldn’t justify the need for the zig zag queue lines which takes the space of one whole exhibition hall. Nevertheless, this year’s race pack is sooo much better than last year’s. What we get this year is a mini gym sling bag with even more interesting stuffs inside – like another sling bag, race manual, usual freebies/samples, goodies, discount vouchers and even a pack of pasta! There is no inline hockey this year at the exhibition, but theres some 3-3 half court Basketball matches which caught the eye of many of us (not to mention the Sexpo promoters at the ground floors). The polar RS800sd is a spanking cool watch but looks tad too huge for asians, not to mention dwarfing the old watches.

Dinner was at the Suntec foodcourt, had my long desired foot-long sub with steak & cheese… yummy, topping it up with the regular 2 cookies and 22oz drink. Zipped by the Adi/Nike stores as the rest wanted to spend their 20% discount entitlements, but I got 2 reebok dryfit swim shorts for $26.90 on offer at RSH to replace my hole-riddened speedos swim shorts.

Got an Adidas Adizero tag to go with my marathon bib this year and thought of some rather interesting taglines to go with it, rather than the generic: “to keep fit” etc… tags we all see pinned at the booth halls, here’s some I’ve thought of:

Finish Ahead!
Highway Codes
Fragile Runner
42km is more value for money!
There should be more toilets…
Shaunzer’s RoadRunner!

What’s yours?

Millage for the last week (7 day period 12-18th Nov)
SP Track Training – 5km not exceeding 1:50/400m pace – Tuesday
SP Gym 3+1 Sets Weight Training + Treadmill 5.4km – Wednesday
SP Track Training 50x400m- 20.1km LSD – Friday
Total Mileage for week = 30.5km (100.0% of 30km/week target met)


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