My GEMS registration appointment are due today, so are given 10am and 5pm slots today to register. All to reduce site traffic, server load with spaces allocated per course for registration, so as claimed my SP.

Logged into the SAS on the dot at 10am (today after forcing myself to wake up at 9am) and to my horror- all the GEM modules which I shortlisted are ALL CLOSED! All NADA spaces left… What is this? My first registration appointment given to me and I can’t even choose any GEMS? This is too much.

Tried again at 5pm, my 2nd appointment and everything’s still the same, all taken no spaces. So much for staggering appointments, it seems that everything is first come first served, and it would be very unfair for courses (like mine) to register on the last “1st appointment” day, given that registrations actually started on the 18th for the whole cohort.

👿 Well done SP, another in the books, first off the e-learning, the dumb new website, the CCA points screw-ups in SAS, now what?

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