And there we have it the first week of school, all done with the CCA booths, scholarships applications & such. The scholarships are very hot this semester, with long queues & crowds for application submission in the SAA. Wish I can get it, (as I didn’t last year). Hope my results can at least bring me somewhere or at least a viable mean of removing some financial burden of some new purchases over the month & so. Overall the week ended quite in a manageable way, lots of design, homework & revisions up on the first week already due next week, not to mention presentations to give on the third week of school. Food-wise, my favorite Yong Tau Foo store at food court 3 changed tender again, this time from fried Kaka Yong Tau Foo to the regular fresh healthy versions now, very much a welcome & overall very much cheaper too (7 items + rice/noodle) about $2.20. But I guess it can’t beat NTU Food court B $1.60 Curry Yong Tau Foo.

Collected my Scuba Sea Card today at the Scuba club’s CCA booth, very much in hand with a NYAA (National Youth Achievement Awards) program. Initially I knew about the program coming around through the school intranet email.

Response wasn’t so good with no students signing up so far. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise when my classmate Khow Ming hinted me to join the conservation project, partly as he himself is in it as well. The project will be a 1 week project held during our term holidays, on the study of whale sharks in a lagoon western Australia, sponsored by NYAA themselves & HSBC, totaling $55,000 in all for 6 volunteers (3 from SP).

Basic requirements is the ability to swim at least 200m & skin dive to a depth of 5m, not something which I can’t do, being a Scuba Diver myself, I guess being a skin & Scuba Diver definitely gives an edge in the project, not to mention able to camp underwater for hours with gear on, together with my love for marine creatures as well. Ahh the harmony of interests… not it a matter being approved for it now… But not bad while others have to frantically go through nominations & paperwork to sign on the project, I got all of mine done within a few hours, efficient? Maybe because I know my resources…

The day ended with the first track training with the freshmen, where we seniors each have to take a group of about 6 freshmen, totaling about 6+ groups in all. Quite a healthy sum. We get to lead them all through the warm up run to the stretching process, drills & eventually having to compete in a friendly relay match. Strengthening exercises followed thereafter with proper cool down then a ending pep talk by coach before dismissal. Overall the attendance, though good, coach speculated that only about a handful like 30%-40% will only stay as regulars, the others more of less just “testing the water”. From the relays we can really tell who are the better & fitter runners, not to mention the probability of them staying, I guess all these can be rather uncharted as well.

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