Exams are just around the corner, in fact the first paper is in in less than 2 weeks time. Though I more or less studied for the papers already, my current state will only allow at least a pass or the most a low B, I guess its the hard work which counts for the As or Distinctions. Last but not least to truely shine as top 5% on the board of Honours again.

I aim to obtain at least 4 Distinctions this semester, either maintaining the record from the previous Semester or to score even better, moreover there will be no grade less than an A for me. An obession? maybe… & maybe thats what 2 years in Junior College made me I guess, despite my long break in the Army. Furthermore I really really want the scholarship study grant this year, so got to work hard for it. By mid next week I will be able to clear the last papers of 3 modules I am taking now, thus bringing down the load signifcantly, them being:

  • Workshop (Engineering) – Practical last day, online exam
  • Critical Reasoning Skills – Argumentative essay writing test
  • GEMS – VisualBasic.NET ICA3 exams

After that, I will have 4 written papers starting 22nd Feb to 1st March

  • Engineering Mathematics – 22nd Feb
  • C++ Programming – 24th Feb
  • Engineering Materials – 27th Feb
  • Electrical Technology – 1st March

Should be going into the advanced stages of “Mug Mode” already. With that, I will be cutting down training to twice a week, (gym on Wednesday & Macritchie X-country competition on Saturday), otherwise its plain study, no more usual Sunday swim next week. I guess you won’t see many blog updates too till the end of Semester Exams.

Wish me luck!

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