I guess I had been away for quite sometime, duh been quite busy lately, as usual with life, business & training.

Nevertheless, semester 2 started rather slow & easy. Though I am taking EIGHT modules including GEMS bawrr! But I guess its gonna be quite a managable semester as subjects such as Character Development & Critical Reasoning Skills are just like “extra” modules. As usual the CCA points for the whole track & field team is not updated for the previous sem, sending more or less the whole team screaming at our president (in a very polite manner of course! 🙂 WHERE ARE OUR CCA POINTS!!! especially when the ownage for me last sem being like 40 points, dun play play leh… gimme points like, I earned it leh…

The sport event season for 2005 is coming to a close, ending with the standard charted marathon on 4th december. Then the 1st event next year will be the Safra Bialthon on March 11th, mmm dunno should I participate or not…

For Sem2 we have, on the 1A Module for the year:

  • Workshop – 🙄 Hands on! My Fav! Project of the module is to make a metal contraption to dispense scotch tape.. don’t ask me why… duh.. looks easy though, I was looking forward into building a drivable beach buggy or so…
  • Engineering Materials – The most daunting module, very very textbook based.. grrr
  • Electrical Technology – Its like a repetition of my previous Electrical module, with plus learnt at O levels.
  • C++ Programming – Finally get to learn some prog stuff, very primitive though I guess I won’t be writing my own OS very soon…
  • Engineering Maths – Very much like Maths C at A levels, minus my super hated STATS! yea!
  • Character Development – Basically a tok-cok session :mrgreen:
  • Critical Reasoning Skills – Very very toned down version of General Paper.
  • GEMS – Visual Basic Programming – My second programming module for the sem, since I am taking C++, why not VB as well?

I guess its wise to take difficult GEMS during the 1st 2 years of poly, then take easier modules as term progresses, like maybe web design or entrepreneurship something where u dun even need to study… hehe 😈 teacher me dunno design what webpage ah!

Oh well, gotta juggle school, training, competitions & business together again… A fresh sem, new aims & schedule whoa haha!

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