Just when you think SP is already full of commerical stalls, like Pizza Hut, Popular, KFC, Macdonalds, Resturants, Travel agencies, Bakeries & Print services, not to mention our 6 food courts, wait till they open a HMV branch here. It came as a surprise when some students approached me in campus asking me to help & participate in a survey they are conducting. Initially I thought is just any ol’ pesky business students regularly bugging people & such, but hey they are FROM HMV.

One interesting part of the survey asks where would I want the HMV branch to be opened in SP. Without hesitation, its the Plaza, the PLAZA! I love music near my study block… It would be neato, furthermore with the possibility of having student deejays & such, spinning the discs on my regular breaks for the love of music & maybe piping music throughout school, foodcourts & such.

Count me in dudes!

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