Its time again where area cleaning is done around the bunk at camp. Well partly because our OC gonna conduct a stand-by area on monday afternoon, so the COY very much went amock in soaking (literally) the whole building & flushing it cleanly of it inpurities. Come to think about it I think its easier if we can just pluck the whole building up & give it a few shakes upside down, like a baby to a toy brick.

This is the second time my bunk had done such “wash out” cleaning, yea since we’ve enlisted, like firehoses & squishes everywhere. It had been some time too since I’ve packed my personal cupboard, esp the deep reaches, only to find out that some lovely six-legged friends of ours decided to move into the nice warm cozy confines of my clothing, my SMARTEST 4!- crawling with ants not to mention their eggs all laid nicely in the folds of my pants. urgh! Too bad I ‘ve to rid them, they were very much uninvited guests either. After some cleaning & disinfecting, I finally got rid of the mushy smell in the corner of my cupboard, for the pants.. uhh, guest I have to not to dust it clean but set it alight to disinfect it, otherwise, theres always soaking it in dettol.

Mmm ants, very versatile, yet amazing- a colony in my brown army pants?


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