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Gleeming license plate?

Found this interesting product on while surfing one day. This is definitely not legal, especially in the Singapore context where everything including the very cars we drive are all restricted in terms of upgrades,...

Hot hot hot

On the weatherwatch, yes it had been a very hot period in Singapore this month, not to mention the number of bushfires around to keep our friendly firefighters & tax expenditure busy for the...

pleasure pressure?

Reading from today's Straits Times main, an article in the kaleidoscope. A particular interesting quote made by Mr Md Islam (a foreign worker from bangladesh working here) saying. "In my country, people read or...

In memory of Uncle Loke

Its a dark & gloomy night & when we least expected it, a phone call came around 9pm informing dad that Uncle Loke was warded in coma at Chanji hospital due to a fall...


The list of selected partipants for ARR (Armour route relay) are out, & errr I am inside? Wondered how did they go about the selection & stuffs. I didn't get IPPT gold, neither I...

Completed Half-Life 2

Ahha, the skill of juggling 3 games & trying to complete them has shown its power! (or so). Finally managed to find the time to eventually finish HL2 & experience its so sucky ending...

Gong Xi fa Cai!

Well, this may not be the earliest of of chinese new year greetings, erm just say I was a tad busy the last few days. Namely on meeting up with relatives & catching up...

Radical Plantfixion

About most finished Half-life2 now on more on less the last level where I can pick up dead bodies & smash them around or so. Mum decided Dropped by to crowded orchard today &...

Ants in pants (literally!)

Its time again where area cleaning is done around the bunk at camp. Well partly because our OC gonna conduct a stand-by area on monday afternoon, so the COY very much went amock in...

ARR training= free breakfast for EVERYONE?

Theres the usual morning ARR training today conducted by inkchik for all the specialists, but the only thing is that late comers reporting after 7.30am have a price to pay- treat everybody for breakfast...

Stockholm Millesgarden

Stockholm Vasa Museum

Ikea Julbord Christmas Buffet Dinner

Istana Heritage Gallery

Redeye Smokehouse barbecue restaurant


Ce va li Marina Bay Sands

Ce va li is a contemporary and classy rooftop restaurant located on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sand hotel. They serve an assortment...

Shashlik Restaurant Russian Western

Simple Burgers

Jurassic World Cafe Ion Sky

New Posts

Linksys MX4200 Router review, mesh the easy way

Lets check out Linksys new Velop AX4200 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System (MX4200) today with an in-depth benchmark review. The Linksys MX4200 Router is...

1.30 dim sum

Wooftopia Pet Cafe