Friday & sat in glorious truetype text… long but otherwise, quite a good read. :mrgreen:

Last night was life firing day, it very much needed us to go through bashing through muddy treks & crossing rivers to assault an objective, AI dismounted style for times in all (day blank & life, night blank & life). Us specialists chonggen, janan, tanyi, neo, AI maocheng & yiwei & me were all very much involved in the firing doing safety. So much for that, while the run of the troopers & specs get to stay at camp, DOING NOTHING! moreover, they get to BOOK-OUT on friday evening too… while we finished the life-firing round 11pm only to reach back at camp slightly before 12mn, sob sob can’t book out then, only the next morning, slept around 12.30am dang was I tried.

Saturday morning
The next morning, our PC chen junming admitted being not in a clear state of mind yesterday, therefore allowing the rest at camp to book out. Actually they should stay in camp for integrity reasons, even our old PC, poh was pissed. Chen assured us that it would not happen again. As we guess so, even chonggen’s intel on OC allowing us to book in on monday morning was a dammned hoax, no compensation for us. oh well thats the army. Its going to be quite a day ahead…

Booked out around 6.30am this morning & got a lift from chonggen (CG) to his usual adam road busstop where dad fetched me home thereafter. Concussed the moment I showered upon reaching home, woke up around 11am with cg bugging me to go to simlim with him to buy his new computer parts. Ate breakfast mum prepared & left the house around 12.15pm. Took 855 back to adam road where CG & his loyal uncle fetched us to simlim. Shopping for parts was fast, as we kinda did our “homework” from previous sls pricelists I’ve collected before heading out, purchased everything in 1/2hr comprising of a Geforce FX5500 256MB, P4 3.0GhzE & a Gigabtye mobo. Met maocheng at simlim itself, & he’ve gotten HL2 too, its a small world dude.

Saturday afternoon
Headed back to CG’s house to upgrade his current comp only to find out that his current Dell 8100 system have very limited upgradeable features, like missing a few molex & mobo power plugs. The only way out is to get a new PSU & casing. Even opening the dell casing was a feat, with so many unconventional levers & release hatched here & there… argh I just hate boutique PC casings,.. so inflexible. Moreover, its already 2pm & time is now on our side, considering that I have another movie meetup with my BMT friends at around 3-4pm. Leaving the computer aside, it time to drop by funan to get the Half-life 2 I’ve preordered. Purchased HL2 collector’s edition at $125, while CG got the standard edition at $69.90 consisting our 6 cheaply packed CDs without jewel case & manual, rather disappointing though. If you want a better buy, the collector’s edition is the way to go, though the “free” T-shirt proves to be quite cheapskate as well…

Got a call from dom about “The incredibles” movie showing around 4.10pm. Its already 3.30pm & I am still with CG at funan having lunch (dang & he said he wanna treat me to lunch.. ) at the complex’s basement food junction. Got another call from Dom then later updating me about a 4.55pm movie which he’ve got instead.. 4.55pm? cool just right I can actually reach GV marina on time! But dun VG marinaplex have only one screen for one movie at a time? strange.. 4.10pm & 4.55pm shows? too good to be true…

CG had his uncle unlight me around rich-carlton/GV marina area, where I met up with dominic for some chatting & catching up on times. It was later then we found out the tiks are for 6.55pm, NOT 4.55pm when the ticketing auntie told us that a show is still on. Arghh! wrong tiks! so no incredibles. Dom was rather sorry about his box office blooper, this time I was not on intervenation!… Luckily theres a 5pm show on at the box, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Got the tiks subed & the next thing we were seated 4 seats just behind the screen at center (incredibles was worst). When the movie is starting dom suddenly ask me in a worrying manner.. “shit I did time indents for my artillery life firing yesterday, I hope I saw timing right…”

Saturday evening
Overall, the show was good, same Bridget, but a brand new diary, laughs & adventures. Guess I would have to catch incredibles some other day then. Then dom suggested watching it next week… haha if that is so I would be watching movies with the same bunch for 3 weeks in a row now… & now is that bad?… It was 6.45pm then marina square is still under major renovation with lots of stores closed, so we decided to walk to suntec to chill out for some coffee or so till 7.30pm. Dropped by Dell’s “try it” booth while at suntec to make enquires about the Dell x50v pda. to my joy, its out! the sales rep told me it came out today, well why don’t I be the first in Singapore to get one then.. haha at $911? I guess I would wait a little while more for the price to drop or when they decide to offer online discounts or so. Checked out tower records & PK computers.. mm man do the collector’s edition of HL2 a rare item around stores.. luckily I’ve got me tucked with me for an install later at home! 😉

Got a call from mum & dad that they are in the suntec area already. Aide-ohs! to dom, catcha dude next time then.. Headed back to marina square, Hans eatery for dinner with my family. Overall I still prefer the food at this hans branch rather than the one at home, maybe the portions are bigger/tastier, or was I just hungry.. oh well downed a silion steak set meal & salmon mixed vege rice while dad had fish & chips & mum, chicken chop.. (yes I guess I was hungry). Next stop the Singapore motorshow 2004 at suntec convention & exhibition center at 8.15pm, walked the area till closing time 10pm, theres not many people around as its the 2nd last day of the event now. Dad met up with some old friends doing cars at the honda & suzuki booths. The thing about cars now is that most people are scrapping their 5-6yr old cars now for new ones due to exponential car value depreciation, furthermore the COE is quite low now, I guess this is the trend, wonder is dad considering a new car or not. But otherwise he expressed rather great interests in the mazda 3, honda stream & suzuki liana. For me I was totally out with on-board ride entertainment & concept cars, wow.. those subwoofers, theres more, let the photos do the talking when I upload the photos of the event soon…

Headed home thereafter, installed & tested out HL2 while typing this blog. Would be tryin’ the game out tomorrow.

The photos of the exhitibition are UP now with captions. Feel free to check it out here or navigate your way to the photo gallery “miscellanous” section to check it out!


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