Installed my thermaltake fan controller, now my PC casing looks piffy together with my 5.25″ bay overclocker’s kr L.I.S LCD indicator with red backlight, man does it look cool! Now I can work with lower fan noise, not to mention possible lower electrical bills for pops with those fans spin slower & consume lower amps.

Spent about 2hours in the afternoon today on friendster searching for old lost friends using the school search feature & managed to find quite a handful of ’em. hehheh, even if we are all older now, somehow there will still some similar facial resemblance of I can remember almost 8 years back. Interesting to see how everyone’s getting along now, its like some old high school reunion thing!

Gadget wise, wondered why did my family get a DV camera few years, back. Video’s gonna be transferred to the computer anyway, so was film cameras back then. Shoulda gotten a mpeg4/mpeg2 video camera.. Me eyeing those panasonic d-snap series now… :mrgreen:

Nitro family is one cool FPS game, cleared 2 stages yesterday & had a break from it by playing some roller coaster tycoon & NFS underground II, finally unlocked the jackson heights area of NFS-U2 & obtained an SUV to mod. Though game progress is at an all low 10%, now one more area to unlock!

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