Recieved a comfirmation e-mail from the software boutique @ funan on my half-life 2 preorder. There would be life firing tomorrow, so its a sunday burnt. Stayed-in on friday night, a very rare choice but very much fueled by laziness, guess arriving in camp back on sat 6.30am is too much for me, sleeping is camp is so much more convient, not to mention more rest. Went to set the butt this morning, then booked out around 10.30am for a short weekend. Yes book in tonight at 10.30pm. The good news is that the coy would get to book out wednesday & have an off all the way till the following monday, with a WOS duty for me on friday too. *swapped from the 20th this month, duh* Would be waking up early, bout 4.30am tomorrow A SUNDAY for live firing. Oh well at least I woild be able to test out my pelican sabre light submersible tomorrow night. man its bright!

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