Booking out on friday would be a first & too, a very much welcomed thing for the company. Considering the implementation of the 5 day work work week by our prime minister. Its october & the transistion from sept to oct is very much a welcome, the specialists in the wing would be all one year bikers already (though we don’t really get to actually ride ’em) not to mention the lack of even having our own bikes considering that the scout platoon is already operational.

The week ended with a 2 day wing-internal exercise, learnt quite alot of stuff in HQ, namely boards, intel, singals, maps, very much the usual stuffs. Funny though, as I was once in an active recce team. With me leaving team07 & such it seems that the team is kinda “going under” & branded as a “lousier team”. This is so as the feeling was, well.. as reflected by the HQ personnel & the quality of their reports. Team 07 was once the best tactical team till it literally fell apart due to reshuffling issues. Come to think about it, T07 was once commanded by John & me, now sides are switched with James & Michael by PC, for the HQ side. HQ work, though comparatively more relaxed in looks, but just as though as going out in the field itself, something which many teams envy but what they fail to see is the lack of freedom outfield offers. Part II of outfield starts straight next week, so I guess that about it. Would be booking out on thursday to clear some old AOH off-in lieu.

Onto some old matters, we didn’t win the AHM waterpoint competition, as told by our Angchek some supply-eng side got the win, & theres no runner ups or so.. so dang.. but on a brighter side, our wing OC offered me & john a day off for the impressive effort & “original ideas’ as so he claims. Would be looking forward for a good day to claim it then.

Finally get to continue working on my commanche model lying around my room for months now, added mostly details & painting, I would go for a nice desert variation look. Hope to get it done.. well soon! As so the day passed, did some surfing & hey came about Dreamwork’s pictures new animation movie site. Starring Robert De Niro, Will Smith, Angelina Jolie & many more stars on the coming movie, Sharks Tale.

Before ending this post, check out this variation of the Geforce FX6800 by XFX, spotting the very usual “XFX box”, neato! 😀

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  1. haa………didn’t know you like sharks tale too.
    my company actually thinking of planning as an outing but see how lah….budget =( hope it will be as heart-warming and funny as Finding nemo ; )


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