Before the day started, woke up at 6.15am halfdead, ate breakfast.. do normal morning stuffs.. blah blah, next thing there I was walking up to chonggen’s house after dad dropped me off for work. Kinda slept (rested) there for a while. Got his uncle to drive us to the venue for the day thereafter, its 8am then. & yea, the coffee CG’s maid served did wake my morning up alittle, really needed that morning caffine boost anyway.

Today is ATC aniversary day & celebrations were held at Safra Yishun country club where we had watergames, rockclimbing, shooting & langames free for all to play. Very much spent the time after the opening ceromontion with most of the specs in the arcade lanning & playing arcadegames. Completed time crisis II with only $2.50 spent for continues.. hehe. Even Tanyi & darryl brought their own bowling balls to bowl there. Had lunch there before leaving the place at around 12noon.

Went to Jason’s house which was in the area for some slack while Jason got him self ready to go go for more Langames with us, which we already planned. & so the group comprised of CG, Jason, Tanyi, Janan & me who kinda got to appreciate how its like to be packed like sardines in a car. Got to parklane where we had about 4 hours of lanning with 3 matches of C&C generals & battlefield vietam (we had enough of Counter-Strike & warcraft in the morning lan). Sunshine plaza was the next venue where we intro-ed Tanyi to the place. all he could say was wow… As for me, I finally got the Patlabor whole TV series DVD set. Can say that each esiposde costs a dollar, as there are about 100++ esp in all. Everyone left after that, around 7pm. Went back to Parklane’s music nolverty store where I got a new guitar cool tunner with a large LCD display with a good bargain for $31 from #35, I like the store uncle there, very homyly & friendly. Dropped down to the basement arcade for some time crisis III (stopped halfway) before meeting up with my parents who picked me up thereafter. Had dinner at Golden Mile steam boat restaurant before heading home.

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