As the day passes with each going step, my driving test on the 8th next month draws closer too. Mmm, exciting… but I should be able to pass on this 3rd attempt. The 26th of this month, (which is this upcoming Sunday) is the army half Marathon day. I am am more of less in charge of the water point for my regiment, the project is finishing & is on schedule since 2 july, should go on well.

My computer is getting kinda corky & slow now, can’t wait to reformat my harddrive, but thats after I backup some stuff that is…

Some plans for next month: Get a New Harddrive, a new 256MB graphics card (maybe). Then I can finally throw my dinky old geforce 4 Ti4600 in my living room PC in place of it.

Hopefully my marksman pay will come in next month, then that would be a much welcomed spending boost!

On music, just download the Guitar Tabs for Good Charlotte, maybe I should start practising this rather good old song soon.

On the week to come, the prospects of nights of on wednesday may be quite high, so you can see me back on the light or so. Otherwise, this week would be the forst week my unit would be experiencing the 5 day week thingy, yes I would be booking out on friday evening that is. 😉

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