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Doom 3 released on the 3rd Aug in SG

Doom 3, its finally here, in a few days time! Check it out at Funan's software store, The Software Boutique's promo. And oh yea, on the driving test, I failed it :mrgreen:, think I drove...


My driving test is on tomorrow afternoon and I am feeling (yet strangely) very relaxed compared to my previous test. Guess considering that it would be my second attempt, moreover if I fail, its...

Geared ahead.

It had been almost one month since I've touched my guitar... :sad: or actually found time to relax & play the new games I've got the pass month... *sob* the absolute pressures of the...

Contacts… eww

*pokes eyes with fingers* neato. Booked out of camp around 7pm for nights off, got my dad to fetch me to tiong baru to collect my contact lenses ready today. As it was my...

Project “project”

Went for driving this morning, again me and the instructor had talk on driving testers & I guess the Poh guy who took failed me the other month was rather notorious for doing so....

End of waterpolo season

Our last match ended about one week ago with a 10-3 win against 3rd Division, resulting in an eventual placing of 7 out of 11 in the whole national level, one place ahead of...

Shopping spree

Dropped by to John's house with him paying the cab fare from camp *duh* so I can get a look and troubleshoot his new, yet problematic computer. It turned out that nothing could be...

New item up on wishlist.

Been researching for a good digital camera for sometime now, guess I its time to start saving for one which have the following features I want: Relatively Small/compact design Manual modes (for fine photography) ...

New Art Added.

New Art piece, "offender" added to the art gallery.

Whee its saturday

Nothing special today, just spent the day at home playing Counter-strike, Battlefield 1942 & working on the second draft of the my flash work. Other than that, visited grans later in the evening. Dropped...

Positive Comments…

Karpal, team team member in the AOH creative commitee just called just now, informing me of the rather impressive flash movie intro movie for AOH I cooked up dumbly in the first half of...

Istana Heritage Gallery

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Hans im Glück Burgers Vivocity

Coco Curry Ichibanya

Chilling at Beyond Villa Phuket

Redeye Smokehouse barbecue restaurant

Burger and Lobster Changi Jewel

Ikea Julbord Christmas Buffet Dinner


Wolfson college reunion at Hotel Jen

I was invited as an alumni of my university college for an evening reunion in Hotel Jen, in town. It was a good get...

Attending and surviving Blackhat USA

Las Vegas City Nevada

St Petersburg Russian Museum

New Posts

Five Guys Burgers

The attack of the burger shops is ever at full speed. We had seen Shake Shack, then came Fatburgers, now we have Five Guys...

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