Should I be in camp, well not this time, I’ve been attached to home they say. To get started with the website flash animation for the army open house. A job lasting one week, which I have to squeeze within 3 days as I have a course in Katib camp from Wednesday onwards. Hope all goes well for the designs and team. Hope I can actually put all my ideas on the topic to work, damn daydreaming! 😉

Had driving on Saturday afternoon. My driving instructor who I come to know, Mr Lee was an ex-instructor of SDC, aka SAF Driving Center at Kaki Bukit. And yea we did have quite a chat on things and stuffs, particularly about how the good old SDC still is. One thing he noted is that I drive as if I have a license, only that I don’t have a license! Maybe he said so after some “skillful circuit handling & parking” which I conied out by second nature. Well, too bad for me for failing last week’s test, BUT I should have a license now… Then we went on talking about testers in the school & how the Mr Poh I’got last week is one of the strictest testers around besides some Mr Chua & Ong there. Other testers are more lenient, only these few notorious ones… Moreover, he advised me to save money as my next test is late next month, go for lessons closer to my test date. It is so as the system waiting time now is about 1 month for retestees instead of the past (1 week). Things’ve changed… much now, he said…

So I see… :mrgreen:

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