*sigh* guess its pretty much the month-end (or in this case month-start) blues, just say its the blue period before payday. Due in 6days time, even as a specialist pay is a dull low $750 per month. As the army song goes they pay you hundred dollards, they take back 99.

Some spotlights these few days: life firing on saturday with carbines, very shiok initially but the thought of coming back on saturday afternoon for range suxs big time. Next week would be hell week, mainly lots of outfield and hello earth and sleeping under the night skies. Dang! for one week Plus! even I won’t get to come back next weekend.. grrrr….. army life. 😡

Anyway, wishing my old secondary school friends all the best as they enter a new transitition from school- army. gd luck and embrace the journey ahead! :mrgreen:

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