Hey Valentine’s day is on this saturday, and guess what? whats more than having work on sunday? screwy right? no Saturday night on valentine’s day… 😡 argh!!

On a more positive side… for the week, my newly anticipated phone, the Siemens SX1 would be out on this week itself 😛 , though I have not seen or heard any advertisments myself so far, the buzz and friends around me on my new phone is kinda scary though too, its like they know what I want!… brrr!

So far, there are quite a few people I know (bout 1-30) in Singapore who owns the phone, getting them mainly from those little handphone importer’s shops, but heck they are easily going at about $1200 few months back, coming down to $888 for a 2yr starhub plan and $750 for the M1 one respectivity. Nothing released on official mobile provider charges. I would most prob be getting it with a 2 yr extension on my current singtel classic plan. Hope singtel have the plan going below $700, then my pocket won’t hurt so much…


  1. Well, its just some “planned” event they have back at work, no choice got to “ta” the work loh.
    Nope I dun have a GF atm presently. ( but actively looking for one 😛 ) but I hate working on weekends. 😡
    URI? oh dang! I would better get that fixed! anyway, I am working up a new template, would be up soon… hopefully 😀 keke

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