I am back from camp, all much really in one piece, almost got a fever last night (37.3) after some major mud pool crawling in the day. It just that typical cold and hot feeling- a tell tale sighn of some fever coming. Whats more we have to even eat lunch, rest and march back to camp from the training area in clothes so soiled from top to bottom, you can’t even see the colour of your green uniform below the googy brown solidifying stinking mud. Not to mention my rifle which only managed to cough up 2 blanks before being jammed in its own internal mud collection after being completely submegred in the mud pool as well.

Then I thought, oh shit, sick on chirstmas eve? but then thankfully, one of my platoonmates offered me some panadol which kinda brought the fever to a (36.7) this morning. Feelin kinda “heaty” now and having not a very good throat either but otherwise “manageable” and recovering after some drinking some “cooling tea” my mum specially brewed for me. Really appreciated that.

Too bad I gotta miss my old sec sch classmate’s bbq last night, if not it would be a bash. Had a nice time dudes? Think so…

Dad’s off for some special overtime work today hadn’t been back since. Oh well, that sucks personally, for me even if there overtime. I think I would be dropping by sometime today of tomorrow to get my new electric guitar, hope by brining mum along, she would pay for it as a christmas present *duh, evil me*

Christmas eve dinner coming next… mmmm sounds nice…

Currently Listening: Busted – Crashed the wedding (2:58)


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