After arriving at the driving center this morning, the usual radio tuned @ Class 95FM was usually noisy at the locker shed. Namely making “noise” (aka celebrating) bout the Subaru Impreza challenge- a winner finally emerged after 66 hours and 53 minutes. Who? 36-year-old David Gerard Felix a chief flight steward won the car, finally… heheh, it fffiinallyy over…. for now. Till next year.

Anyway, so much for him winning that, hough’ its not as crazy as David Blane’s latest stunt either. Oh well, onto work matters. Tomorrow will be the last day of my biking course, so there will be some function aka farewell party. Moreover, I can say tata to the 7-5 work times, cos it would be stay-in from Thursday onwards. However, on top of that, I would be getting my class 2B license tomorrow too yea!

Looking back, I kinda breezed thru the motorcycle course without a hitch I can safely say, remarkably, I passed every single test in the course on the first attempt… *pats self on back* hehehe and yea, the off road riding today was SHIOK dudes! mudpools and camel humps rule!


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