Yicks! riding a motorbike on a public road had never been so dangerous (as I thought to be): Having big 10 wheeled dumpers, lorries, buses whizzing past you, vehicles tailgating, cutting in your lane, failling to give way to you, illegal turns and so… Fresh out of riding school (and being very traffic law abiding indeed), this’s so much for an experience of firsts! Man it’s the REAL THING! & I’ve never been so exposed on the road before, always seated comfortably in cars/buses (and I thought driving in GTA vice city was dangerous).

Even the P-plate on my bike don’t seem to do much justice…. No wonder why there are so many accidents involving motorcyclists everytime- with 2 fatailtys in Singapore weekly.. ekk! Now I know how it feel to be a motorcyclist on the road, after knowing their side of the story. When I get my class 3 car license by next year, I would always have this feeling behind my head to give-way to ’em or let them have piority in things… But of course there are too, limits which they can push courtesy to. *grinz*

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